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Best Clock Radio Comprehensive Guide 2019 (Our Top 5)

Last Updated: 22 October 2019

It is of utmost importance to ask such questions as: what are the features that make the best clock radio? Is the alarm clock side more important than being able to play your favorite songs? Actually, in our view, the best clock radio needs to deliver both functions and from experience, they usually do a lot more than that. In fact, if you do want to lose the impulse of throwing your phone out of the window every time your alarm rings, getting such clock can be a cheap and efficient solution. Together we are going to explore the features and also check reviews and a complete buying guide to help you along the process. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the journey to identify the best clock that will make your mornings easier.

Clock Radio FAQS

Why Do I Need A Clock Radio If I Can Use My Smartphones?

Relying on your smartphone to get up every day might be a dangerous tactic as your battery can run out and the alarm won’t go off. It is always plugged-in and it will do the job every day and with great music as well.

What Are The Alarm Options

You can either go with the standard alarm tone of the AM FM alarm clock you purchase or you can set it up in such a way that a radio station starts playing when the alarm goes off. You can choose the station so that you always get up with great music on your alarm clock.

Is A Projector Needed?

It is not a vital feature, however, some of the top models offer this function since it looks pretty cool and can help you check out the time without turning around if you set it to project on the ceiling.

5 Digital Radio Alarm Clocks To Brighten Up Your Day

Having troubles waking up? You do not want to be late ever again? It’s time to get a brand new awesome alarm clock. Here are some suggestions to get your hunt started:

  • 1 place :

    DreamSky Compact Digital Alarm

  • DreamSky Compact Digital Alarm

    This can save your life. It’s very dependable and incredibly loud, exactly the way you need your alarm clock to be. Its snooze button only lasts for 9 minutes, not the usual 30. So even if you’re late, at least you’re not that late.

    It’s pretty small and doesn’t take up much space but don’t worry about its readability. Its LED screen takes up the entire front part of the clock. You can read the time even if you’re far away. It’s a little too bright, so if it’s bothering you, you can dim it a little. You can do the same for the volume of the alarm.

    This clock is simple. It doesn’t have impressive features, but it can get you out of bed. Plus, it’s pretty cheap, which is surprising given its remarkable quality.

    Sadly, you need to keep it plugged in all the time. There are batteries at the back, but they can’t really power up the device. They just remember the time. Also, you can’t change the alarm sound no matter how much you hate it.

    Q: Size of the entire unit?

    A: It’s small. Approximately 2 1/2 by 4 inches.

    Q: Can i use a usb port to power it?

    A: Yes. The power cord it comes with is a USB cord with a USB wall adapter for the plug. So yes, you can just plug the USB cord straight into a USB port.

      • pros +
      • User-friendly Has backup battery but for remembering the time only Adjustable volume
      • cons -
      • Only one alarm sound Needs to be plugged in all the time
  • 2 place :

    Sony ICFC-1 Digital Alarm

  • Sony ICFC-1 Digital Alarm

    After reading its name, you should already start expecting great things. Sony’s a well-established company. All of their products boast of superior quality and top of the line engineering. This one certainly lives up to that.

    It has amazing clarity of sound. It doesn’t have that pesky background noise most cheap speakers have. It has a timer that would shut it off in case you fall asleep. Its LED screen is big enough to display time clearly and brightly that you can still read it even if the lights are off.

    There are batteries at the back, but they can only save your settings and remember the time. They can’t keep your device running on their own. You still have to keep it plugged in.

    For a Sony alarm clock, it’s pretty cheap. It’s also simple and very user-friendly, definitely a great pick.

    Q: Does the device actually stay ON during a power outage?

    A: It will keep your alarm settings but the alarm won't go off until the power is restored.

    Q: Can I turn off the display completely?

    A: No, you can dim the light but not turn it off completely. It has three light settings. The LED is Orange.

    Q: Does the display show the radio station tuned to? Also, how is the sound?

    A: There is a little window on top that tells the station. The sound is very good.

      • pros +
      • Simple and user-friendly Tiny
      • cons -
      • Has a low, annoying vibrating sound The battery doesn’t power the clock – it still needs to be plugged in.
  • 3 place :

    Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio

  • Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio

    The biggest reason why this one made the list can be summed up in a word: PROJECTOR. It can project the time on a wall, which is very futuristic and awesome. Plus, it can update the time on its own.

    It has a big screen that can also display the temperature aside from the time. You can either play on it or music from your phone. Just connect it via the AUX jack at the back. It doesn’t have the best sound quality, but it’s decent enough.

    Q: hows the radio?

    A: The radio is decent. The sound quality is that of just about any alarm clock out there. What is good about the radio, therefore adding quality to the sound, is that one can tune to the exact frequency and not just to how close one gets to the dial.

    Q: Does projection stay on until cancelled?

    A: There's three different settings low, high, in the other it shuts that display off after about 30 seconds and still projects.

    Q: Does it plug in or require batteries? Does not state anywhere!

    A: It must have 110-115 volts to operate. The battery backup is to hold settings only. It will not operate on the batteries by themselves.

      • pros +
      • Has a projector Has AUX jack for your phone A big LED screen
      • cons -
      • The projected image isn’t that bright and clear The low sound quality of speakers
  • 4 place :

    Wake-Up Light, LBell

  • Wake-Up Light, LBell

    If you’re heavy on aesthetics, go for this one. It has a very sleek design that’s easy on the eyes. Plus, the clock changes colors depending on the time. It can mimic the color of the sun. Although, some people think it’s too bright at sunrise, maybe it’s good that it’s like that if it annoyed you enough to wake you up.

    It has 7 different sounds to choose from. If you get tired of your current one, you can just switch to the next one until you hate it, too. You can even set the alarm to play the radio to wake you up. It can access over 40 stations, but the quality of the sound isn’t so good. It’s audible, though, and isn’t that bad. Unfortunately, it has a snooze button, so you need to be a little more responsible and get yourself out of bed.

      • pros +
      • Access to over 40 radio stations Many sounds to choose from
      • cons -
      • A little too bright at sunrise Low-quality sound Has a snooze button (could also be a pro)
  • 5 place :

    ANJANK Small Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio

  • ANJANK Small Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio

    Lastly, we have a well put alarm from ANJANK. It’s small enough to fit anywhere, so you don’t have to allow much space for it. It has two ports at the back where you can charge your gadgets via a USB cord.

    Unlike most products on this list, this one actually has decent sound quality. Plus, it has a sleep timer that would automatically turn it off in case you fall asleep.

    Unfortunately, this product has a giant flaw. It has a huge and easily accessible snooze button on top of it. Just keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, so you need to learn how to keep hands away from that snooze button.

      • pros +
      • Tiny Has a jack for headphones Also displays temperature
      • cons -
      • The battery doesn’t power the clock – it still needs to be plugged in. Too bright even when adjusted A giant snooze button is very tempting

Clock Radio Buying Guide – What To Look At?

It is worthy of note that, when shopping, besides reading the reviews and seeing what other users think about the product, you also need to make sure you get exactly the functions on your device that will make your mornings better.

How Efficient The Alarm Is?

The subject is a delicate one since nobody likes getting up early. However, since we all have to do it to go to work or for several different reasons. We might as well pick a radio alarm with an efficient alarm system. You need to figure out exactly the sound you want to hear in the morning, how loud it should be and how many times you can snooze the alarm. Not getting these features right might result in cranky mornings and nobody wants that.

How Good Is It As A Radio?

Delivering a good FM experience is not something too hard. If you want to be able to play your own music, you should definitely opt for the Bluetooth clock with a radio on the market. However, if you are OK with available stations, make sure the speakers are up for the challenge.

Extra Features

It is equally important that when making the final decision on which type to buy, you also need to think about what other features are available. For example, having a projector that puts the time and date on the wall might be considered as a cool feature by some people. Others prefer to have a USB charger for their phone while others are more interested in also seeing the outside temperature.

The Best Clock Radio – Final Advice

It’s time to wrap things up and decide on the best one. After all the reviews, buying considerations, pros, and cons, this moment shouldn’t be as difficult as it seemed to be when you started reading this article. And to start drawing up a conclusion, we can say that the best is the one that offers you a gentle wake-up with your favorite song for a great day. If you want to make sure you are buying the best, going with the Mesqool Digital Alarm Clock Radio is a safe choice and we support that. It’s also comes, in our opinion, with excellent features and a really cool design.

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