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Best Clock Radio to Buy in 2019 (Our Top 10)

Last Updated: 04 March 2019

What are the features that make the best clock radio? Is the alarm clock side more important than being able to play your favorite songs? Actually, in our view, the best clock radio needs to deliver both functions and from experience, they usually do a lot more than that. If you do want to lose the impulse of throwing your phone out of the window every time your alarm rings, getting the best clock radio can be a cheap and efficient solution. Together we are going to explore the features that make the best clock radio and also check reviews and a complete buying guide to help you along the process. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the journey to identify the best clock radio that will make your mornings easier.

Best Clock Radio FAQs

Why Do I Need a Clock Radio If I Can Use My Smartphone?

Relying on your smartphone to get up every day might be a dangerous tactic as your battery can run out and the alarm won’t go off. A clock radio is always plugged-in and it will do the job every day and with great music as well.

What Are the Alarm Options?

You can either go with the standard alarm tone of the AM FM alarm clock radio you purchase or you can set it up in such a way that a radio station starts playing when the alarm goes off. You can choose the station so that you always get up with great music on your best dual alarm clock radio.

Is a Projector Needed?

It is not a vital feature; however, some of the top models offer this function since it looks pretty cool and can help you check out the time without turning around if you set it to project on the ceiling.

TOP 10 Best Clock Radios Compared And Reviewed

best value
Mesqool Digital
Awesome projection feature
  • Rating: 9.4 / 10
Price: See Here
iHome iBT29BC
Built-in phone charger
  • Rating: 9.2 / 10
Price: See Here
best selling
Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock EAAC601
Plays music from different devices
  • Rating: 9 / 10
Price: See Here
  • 1 place :
    Best Overall: Mesqool Digital Alarm Clock Radio Review

  • Best Overall: Mesqool Digital Alarm Clock Radio Review

    You are looking at the Best Clock Radio if you are after a lot of different features other than showing the right time and waking you up in the morning. It has a futuristic design and you can project the time on the wall or even on the ceiling thanks to the 180-degree swivel projector. You can charge your phone using the USB port and with 20 preset stations, it delivers an excellent experience for smooth mornings.

      • pros +
      • Built-in projector Auto-updating time zones 20 preset stations
      • cons -
      • The snooze button is quite small, especially if you are trying to find it with your eyes closed
  • 2 place :
    Best Design: iHome iBT29BC Review

  • Best Design: iHome iBT29BC  Review

    If choosing the best clock radio for you is more a matter of design than features, the iHome model will definitely steal your heart. With a round shape similar to an AI assistant, this device does a lot of things besides telling the time. It has Bluetooth connectivity and it also changes light according to time. It has a built-in voice command as well which can be used to snooze alarms or cancel them entirely.

      • pros +
      • Great audio quality Voice control Glowing in different colors
      • cons -
      • The light can be a bit disturbing if you are a light sleeper.
  • 3 place :
    Extra Features: Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock Review

  • Extra Features: Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock Review

    Moving on to our third proposal for the best clock radio title, the Electrohome is way more than just a regular time telling device. It can show the temperature and date and it can project whatever is on the screen onto a nearby wall thanks to its special projector that is built-in. It automatically adjusts for daylight saving and you can connect it to your phone for music playback

      • pros +
      • Great sound quality Connection to a 3.5mm jack Temperature and time displayed on the screen or through the projector
      • cons -
      • The projector is not visible if the room is not dark enough
  • 4 place :
    Multifunctional: Raynic Clock 8-in-1 Review

  • Multifunctional: Raynic Clock 8-in-1 Review

    If you think a multi-purpose model is the best clock radio for you, then the 8 functions supported by Raynic 8-in-1 will definitely provide everything you need. Its spherical shape makes it a good fit in any type of home and it has 2 different colors you can choose from for a perfect blend. It can connect through Bluetooth and the speakers emit a high-quality sound perfect for waking you up or when you are listening to music.

      • pros +
      • Multiple USB charging ports Futuristic design Portable
      • cons -
      • The interface can seem a bit too complicated at first use
  • 5 place :
    Electrohome Radio Alarm Clock Review

  • Electrohome Radio Alarm Clock Review

    Moving on with our clock radio reviews, we reach another product from Electrohome. This time, we have a candidate for the best AM FM clock radio and a very serious one, we may add. It can tune in to any frequency and also doubles as a phone charger through USB. The small LED display is dimmable and you can set two different alarms on it. Unfortunately, there is no USB cable provided with the package.

      • pros +
      • Good audio quality You can charge your phone through USB Can display 12 or 24-hour format
      • cons -
      • USB cable is not included.
  • 6 place :
    Compact Size: Sony ICFC1 Review

  • Compact Size: Sony ICFC1 Review

    If you are wondering why this product is not on top as the best alarm clock radio, you will find out the answer to that question in a few seconds. Sure, it is made by a big company that has countless top-quality devices, however, that also makes it quite expensive. That’s why it doesn’t get the best AM FM clock radio title, however, it doesn’t mean we should entirely dismiss it. This is almost a miniature alarm clock with dimensions measuring 4x4 inches. It is, without doubt, the smallest of all the clock radio reviews we’ve been through but it does its job excellently in telling the time and playing a lot of radio channels.

      • pros +
      • Neat and clean design Battery operated clock radio Smallest clock radio for sale
      • cons -
      • The display isn’t especially bright so it may be difficult to read it in brighter light
  • 7 place :
    Great Display: Philips Radio AJ3116M/37 Review

  • Great Display: Philips Radio AJ3116M/37 Review

    Another model from a big company that wants to take the best alarm clock radio title. Cheaper than the previous model from Sony, this Philips device is still not in the price range of previous models presented here. Even though all the clock radio reviews depict it as a reliable alarm, its price tag only gives it the 7th position in our list. The distinctive feature is that it has the biggest display out of the clock radio for sale models we reviewed so far.

      • pros +
      • Clear display large enough to be seen from across the room Multiple alarm modes Decent price
      • cons -
      • Alarm sound can be a bit too loud
  • 8 place :
    Best Price: Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio Review

  • Best Price: Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio Review

    Emerson is the alarm clock that takes the 8th position in our clock radio reviews and you will understand why in just a few moments. Compared to the other devices that we considered a good choice for the best alarm clock radio, this device has a cheap feel to it. The radio part is quite poor with low audio quality and the buttons can easily break if you press on them harder. And we all know that mornings are not the best time for being delicate and sensitive.

      • pros +
      • It can automatically update the date and time Can memorize multiple different stations Cheaper compared to the best alarm clock radio models we reviewed so far
      • cons -
      • Audio quality could be improved, however, if you want a reliable alarm it is a good option.
  • 9 place :
    Peakeep Little Alarm Clock Radio Digital FM Review

  • Peakeep Little Alarm Clock Radio Digital FM Review

    Moving down our list with the best clock radio 2019 has to offer, we have the Peakeep digital alarm clock that will set you off for a good day. It can memorize 10 stations and you can manually adjust the stations in case the signal is weak and the display is generous enough to be seen from a far distance. It is small enough to fit most spaces and the alarm is not that violent.

      • pros +
      • Up to 10 stations Large display Small enough to fit everywhere
      • cons -
      • Instructions are not exactly clear, however, you will figure everything out in no time.
  • 10 place :
    Easy Setup: Magnasonic Digital AM/FM Clock Radio Review

  • Easy Setup: Magnasonic Digital AM/FM Clock Radio Review

    It’s time for our final stop in the pursuit for the best alarm clock radio. Magnasonic provides the cool clock radio for the last position and there’s not much you can say about this device that isn’t already obvious from looking at it. It has a generous display and a good volume for both radio and the alarm. You can easily set thebest dab clock radio up using the soft-touch buttons and it will also automatically update for daylight saving. It’s the best bedside clock radio for your bedroom

      • pros +
      • Big display Multiple radio station memory Affordable
      • cons -
      • It doesn’t offer USB connection

Clock Radio Buying Guide – What to Look At?

When shopping for the best clock radio 2019, besides reading the reviews and seeing what other users think about the product, you also need to make sure you get exactly the functions on your best digital radio alarm clock that will make your mornings better.

How Efficient the Alarm Is?

The subject of a radio alarm is a delicate one since nobody likes getting up early. However, since we all have to do it to go to work or for several different reasons, we might as well pick a radio alarmwith an efficient alarm system. You need to figure out exactly the sound you want to hear in the morning, how loud it should be and how many times you can snooze the alarm. Not getting these features right might result in cranky mornings and nobody wants that.

How Good Is It as a Radio?

Delivering a good FM experience is not something too hard for the best digital clock radio. If you want to be able to play your own music, you should definitely opt for the best Bluetooth clock radio on the market, however, if you are OK with available stations, make sure the speakers are up for the challenge.

Extra Features

When making the final decision on which type of alarm clock radio to buy, you also need to think about what other features are available. For example, having a projector that puts the time and date on the wall might be considered as a cool feature by some people. Other prefer to have a USB charger for their phone while others are more interested about also seeing the outside temperature.

The Best Clock Radio – Final Advice

It’s time to wrap things up and decide on the best clock radio. After all the digital clock radio reviews, buying considerations, pros and cons, this moment shouldn’t be as difficult as it seemed to be when you started reading this article. And to start drawing up a conclusion, we can say that the best clock radio is the one that offers you a gentle wake-up with your favorite song for a great day. If you want to make sure you are buying the best clock radio, going with the Mesqool Digital Alarm Clock Radio is a safe choice and we support that. It’s also the best clock radio in our opinion with excellent features and a really cool design.

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