Best Electric Razor for Men to Buy in 2019 (Our TOP 10)

Last Updated: 04 March 2019

The best electric razor for men can be an excellent way to keep a close shave without the worry of injuring yourself. Before you purchase a best electric shaver best electric shaver, you should consider a few different factors. The best electric shaver is very personal, and most of those factors will be dependent upon your preferences. You should consider the feature, style, and design of the best electric shaver to help you get a better idea of what’s out there, and we’re taking a closer look at the TOP 10 best electric razor for men on the market.

In this article, we aim to provide you with the top rated 10 electric shavers for men. Instead of having to conduct research about every model, we’ve done that for you and will provide you with a buying guide. If you’re like to know more about the best electric shaver 2019, then we will show you all about the best electric shaver for men and best electric razor for men based on electric shaver reviews.

10 Top Electric Shavers Compared and Reviewed

best value
Braun Electric Razor 7865cc
4 synchronized shaving elements
  • Rating: 9.8 / 10
Price: See Here
Braun 9-9095 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver
40,000 cross cutting actions per minute
  • Rating: 9.6 / 10
Price: See Here
Philips Norelco Electric Shaver
5 direction flex head
  • Rating: 9.4 / 10
Price: See Here
  • 1 place :
    For Personalization: Braun Electric Razor 7865cc

  • For Personalization: Braun Electric Razor 7865cc

    The Braun 7865 is a step down from your traditional Braun model, but it’s more affordable. It features four different shaving elements which work to give you a smooth and solid shave. It has got auto sense technology installed which uses 10,000 micro vibrations to work on flat facing hair and hair that goes in multiple directions. The 8-D contour adaption uses 8-sides directional head which can help shave hairs in hard-to-reach places or sensitive areas. There are five different settings to change the power of the shaver, making it easy to use on soft skin or sensitive areas. To help make your busy mornings easier for you, this shaver can be used in both wet and dry modes. It’s a 100% best waterproof electric razor. The charger has a four-action alcohol-based cleaning station which helps oil the blades as the shaver charges. After a full charge, you will be provided with 50 minutes of continuous shaving.

      • pros +
      • Flexible head Personalized modes Solid built quality Automatic charging dock
      • cons -
      • Doesn’t work on stubble
  • 2 place :
    For Cross-Cutting: Braun 9-9095 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

  • For Cross-Cutting: Braun 9-9095 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

    Another best Electric Shaver for Men among Braun electric shavers is Braun 9-9095. It’s one of the latest designs and is the newest model. This improved device has the additional technology called Direct&Cut. It introduces additional trimmers which help perfectly align hair so that you won’t get ingrown hairs. The model uses over 40 000 cross cuts every minute and uses 10 000 micro vibrations.

    Many of us have the issue of hairs sticking in opposite directions that also get stuck to our skin. The Braun has no difficulties latching onto those hairs and trims with a close cut. For a smooth finish, there is an Optifoil which helps you get a closer cut and reduces the appearance of hair follicles and pores. To make it more convenient, the shaver can be used on both wet and dry skin.

      • pros +
      • Extra trimming feature Closest shave electric razor 40,000 cross-cutting actions Wet & Dry conditions
      • cons -
      • Plastic exterior
  • 3 place :
    For Precision: Philips Norelco Electric Razor

  • For Precision: Philips Norelco Electric Razor

    The Philips electric shaver is one of the best electric shavers and the best electric shaver for a close shave. It is a new and improved device which has an added 10% boost. The multi-precision blade ensures that you’re getting a fast and close shave every time and cuts all the hairs, including stubble. The five directions flex head works efficiently with dry skin or right out of the shower. Choose to shave on the wet or dry skin, add a gel or foam shaving cream for the best results.

    Every charge includes a powerful and long-lasting shave powered by a lithium-ion battery. With just 1-hour of charging time, you’ll be provided 45 minutes of shaving. For the average person, that lasts around 15 shaves. As an added benefit, if you run out of load just give it a quick 5-minute recharge, and you’ll be able to finish your shave. Lastly, there is a built-in three level battery indicator which notifies you how much power is left.

      • pros +
      • Independent foils 3 dimensional head Best close shave electric razor Wet & Dry modes
      • cons -
      • Fixed battery
  • 4 place :
    Remington Electric Shaver F5-5800

  • Remington Electric Shaver F5-5800

    The Remington electric shaver is a rechargeable pivel shaver which has interceptor shaving technology. The Remington flexible head allows you to shave in those hard-to-reach places, ensuring that you don’t miss any gap. The blades are crafted from stainless steel which provides you with a close and clean shave. You’re allowed to rinse the shaver under running water to clean it out.

    The pop-up detail trimmer can be used to cut thick hair patches such as sideburns and facial hair. Lastly, the rechargeable battery features 60 minutes of continuous shaving. There is a LED display which allows you to see how much time left before the battery runs out. The only downside of this device is that the unit needs the parts replaced every six months. However, it’s also the best electric shaver under 100, which makes it a steal for its price.

      • pros +
      • Pivot&Flex technology Surgical grade steel blades Pop-Up detailed trimmer Rechargeable battery
      • cons -
      • Blades need replacing
  • 5 place :
    For Sensitive Skin: Panasonic Electric Razor Arc5

  • For Sensitive Skin: Panasonic Electric Razor Arc5

    The Panasonic Arc5 is another best electric shaver for men with new and upgraded standard. It features the ultimate closeness and comfort which features five durable and ultra sharp blades. These nano blades are created for cutting cleanly and efficiently. The active shaving sensor makes it easy to cut around the neck and jaw, and the premium system has a multiflex pivoting head which creates a smooth shave. The micro foil patterns hold and cut down the hair regardless of how it’s growing or what direction it’s in.

    The Powerful cordless razor can cut up to 14 000 cycles per minute and operates almost twice as fast as others on the market. For more convenience, the shaver can be used on both wet and dry skin and is waterproof. It includes an AC adapter which has universal voltage. The kit comes with the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver, an AC charger, and a traveling pouch.

      • pros +
      • Premium shaving system Sensitive blades Wet & Dry shaving Hypoallergenic blades
      • cons -
      • Noisy
  • 6 place :
    For Convenience: Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver

  • For Convenience: Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver

    The Hatteker is another best electric razor for men’s face which features a 2-in-1 multifunctional electric razor which is ideal for shaving sideburns, beards, and facial hair. For precision, the 3D blades are upgraded with double knives which adapt to the curves of your face, and jawline. The rounded edges help to get a smoother shave. Don’t worry about the shaver coming into contact with water because it can be used on wet and dry skin. For convenience, there is a charge indicator which displays the percent of battery left. For quick charges, you can plug in the USB device.

      • pros +
      • 2-in-1 double headed blades Upgraded LCD display Double blade precision USB charger Wet & Dry operation
      • cons -
      • May irritate the sensitive skin
  • 7 place :
    Trimmer: Braun Mobile Shaver M90

  • Trimmer: Braun Mobile Shaver M90

    The Braun Mobile Shaver M90 is a wide floating foil shaver which is ideal for close shaves. The electric razor features washable blades that can be easily cleaned. A precision trimmer is installed for shaving beards or sideburns, as the shaver may get clogged if you try and shave too long hairs. For security, the shaver comes with a unique twist cap design which protects the foils when you’re not using it. The only downside to this product is that it’s powered by AA batteries.

      • pros +
      • Wide floating foil Easy to clean Precision trimmer Twist cat and protective lid
      • cons -
      • Battery powered
  • 8 place :
    For Easy Cleaning: Wahl Professional Rechargeable Shaver

  • For Easy Cleaning: Wahl Professional Rechargeable Shaver

    The Wahl professional best electric shaver is an excellent choice for those who have sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic foil heads make it easier to shave stubble without getting razor burn or getting bumps and irritations. The Dynaflex cutting system makes it easy to reach the jawline and neck. The flexibility helps reduce irritation and allows you to shave all over your face. Installed is a pop-up trimmer which can help you groom before you shave or can be used for a quick touch up.

      • pros +
      • Hypoallergenic foil heads Easy to use Fast cleaning Portable
      • cons -
      • Not waterproof Takes a while to heat up
  • 9 place :
    Compactt: Philips Norelco OneBlade Shaver

  • Compactt: Philips Norelco OneBlade Shaver

    The Philips electric shaver features unique 3-stubble combs which allow you to get a close trim at the distance of 3 millimeters. With the dual-sided blades, you can style your facial hair with a crisp, clean edge. For added comfort, the Phillips is safe to use on sensitive areas; it prevents razor burns, irritations, and bumps. While the blades don’t completely get to the root, you still get a close enough shave that goes against the grain without causing any discomfort.

    Unlike other models, the blades on this shaver are designed to be durable and long lasting. Replacements aren’t pricey and are almost hassle-free. For enhanced performance, you’ll need to replace the blades every four months if you use it on a weekly basis. Don’t fret, as this shaver can be used on wet and dry skin and has a battery life that lasts up to 45 minutes.

      • pros +
      • 3 Stubble combs Dual-sided blade Contour blades Long battery life Wet & Dry
      • cons -
      • No trimmer Not portable
  • 10 place :
    Best Waterproof Product: Braun Electric Shaver ProSkin 3040

  • Best Waterproof Product: Braun Electric Shaver ProSkin 3040

    The Braun electric shaver is the latest model and the best 3 head electric razor, the ProSkin 3040. It features three enhanced shaving elements which allow for a close shave. The micro comb technology doesn’t pull on the hairs, making it ideal for sensitive skin. To trim extra hair, there’s a built-in precision trimmer to help shape sideburns or style beards.

    The ProSkin has a thin head installed, making it easier to reach in areas that are hard to achieve. You can use this shaver with water, foam, or shaving gel to help prevent bumps and have a smoother gliding feeling while shaving. The unit is 100% waterproof, and the powerful NIMH battery can last for up to an hour and 45 minutes. To tell when the battery is low, there’s a LED indicator light on the side. This is one of the best Braun electric shavers based on its features.

      • pros +
      • Enhanced shaving technology Micro combs Ideal for sensitive skin Built-in trimmer Wet or Dry
      • cons -
      • Need to run it over same area multiple times

Electric Razor Buying Guide – What to look at?

Choosing an electric shaver takes some consideration, especially if you have sensitive skin. There are a variety of different features that you may or may not need. For example, someone who has a beard needs a beard trimmer, while someone who only shaves with stubble only needs blades. In this buying guide, we’ll go over the main features that you should consider when purchasing an electric razor by compiling information from electric shaver reviews. Just don’t try and buy the best cheap electric razor because it may injure your skin.

Best Electric Shaver

So what’s the best electric shaver to buy? How do you find the best affordable electric shaver? The trick is you use men’s electric shaver reviews and the best electric shaver reviews. Electric shavers allow you to shave in only a few minutes. They’re much more efficient than traditional style razors because they have protection technology for bumps, ingrown hairs, and trimming. You may have noticed that sometimes when you go to shave, you get small cuts and bumps. The best electric shavers also give you precision cutting with a bendable head, that way you can shave in hard to reach places. Overall, you’ll have an easier time shaving, you’ll get consistent results all the time, and having the best electric shaver means you can take it on the go with you.

Just remember to choose between the foil and rotary electric shavers as this will make the biggest difference for your shaving experience. If you have longer facial hair, you’ll definitely need a pop-up trimmer to help trim hairs before you shave. Battery indicators can also be a lifesaver because you know exactly how much power is left. That way you’ll never be in a situation where only half your face is shaven.

Rotary Versus Foil

Rotary shavers were the first line of electric shavers which provided their users with comfortable shaving. The only issue with the best rotary electric shavers is that they don’t do a good job getting rid of all facial hair, they don’t provide you with a close enough shave, and they take a while to shave one area. Foil shavers are crafted with ultra sharp blades which can get a super close shave without leaving any stubble.

LED Indicators

One feature that you may think you don’t need for the best rated electric razor is an LED indicator. Imagine standing there shaving away until you notice you only have so much of the battery left. Instead of running out in the middle of a shave session, you’ll constantly be able to tell how much battery is life. And know how much you need to charge the battery in the future.

Corded Versus Cordless

There are both cordless models and corded electric shaver models. While both of them work well in the home, the cordless provides you with more freedom of when and where you want to be while you’re shaving. Honestly, cordless is the better best men’s electric razor option because they provide you with the ability to walk around their home and groom them at the same tie.

Easy Cleaning

You need to find a model that is easy to clean. If you happen to use this save a lot, then you may need to find a model with easy cleaning. If it collects too much air, then the unit starts shutting down. The best men’s electric shavers come with a cleaning dock, and all you have to do is place the blades into the shaving dock, and it will automatically clean the blades for you.

Review of Best Electric Shaver

Pop-up Trimmer

If you have long facial hair or areas that need trimming, then you should consider an electric shaver with that feature. The trimmer can help shape beards, defined jawlines, and make a fantastic moustache.

Wet & Dry Technology

Not all shavers can be used on both dry and wet skin. It’s important to understand that many people shave in the shower and use an electric face razor. This can be dangerous. They also need to shave at the same time they wash their body. This is where wet and dry technology shines because you can start shaving in the shower and continue when you get out making it the best waterproof electric shaver.

The Best Electric Shaver. Final Advice.

So, what is the best electric shaver? Should you just pick top rated electric shavers? While there are many of the best electric razor models out there, the best electric shavers are built to be durable, easy to use, prevent irritations, and have faster charge times. All of these features are set in one product – Braun Electric Razor 7865cc. This best electric shaver has the highest reviews and features top ratings. As for this product, you’ll get advanced shaving technology, premium performance with the close cut, and cordless design.

As a best rated electric shaver, you won’t be disappointed with this electric shaving kit. And while it isn’t the best wet dry electric shaver, you can still get away with using it on the wet or dry skin. The Braun Electric Razor 7865cc has superior precision when compare electric shavers. We’d say that if you had to choose one, this would be among the best-rated men’s electric shavers.

Buying Guide

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If you had the chance to see my face few months ago, you would probably be disgusted as the number of cuts I’ve had. My bad choice of shaver has gotten me in trouble more than I could count. Fortunately, the electric shaver guide here helped me discover what I wanted, and how to prevent myself from skin irritation, and cuts in the future.