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Best Electric Skateboard Buyer’s Guide and Review 2019 (Our Top 5)

Last Updated: 22 October 2019

For a long time now, skateboards have remained something fun to own. It is the reason you can find in many countries teens and kids alike skating around. The good news is that there are also electric skateboards. They do help the riders to have better experiences when it comes to skating around. It is the reason you are likely to find it as a popular option today. The critical question to ask is, which is the best electric skateboard?
We get to answer that question by crafting the best electric skateboard reviews and analyzing different features, designs, and the overall experience of owning a particular product. In the end, you’ll have a model that works great, and you’ll also love it.

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards Compared Reviewed

  • 1 place :


  • Riptide

    You can have an equal number of reasons to hate and love the Riptide. While it has impressive qualities, it also has some serious letdowns.

    At 18 miles per hour, this skateboard’s speed is pretty average. It’s not that good but quite decent. It has strong and powerful tires with a good grip. They also have a great bounce which you can really appreciate. Plus, you can take this longboard with you anywhere. It’s allowed on planes.

    Unfortunately, it has enough shortcomings. Its controller looks poorly made, which is disappointing. It looks plastic and easily breakable. Plus, the brake stops a little sharply. It’s not as smooth and slow as you’d expect. It’s most likely that you’ll stumble off your board the moment you hit the breaks.

    Of course, all these reflect on the price. This board is mid-range priced. It’s not that cheap but not that pricey, so you’re still getting a good value for your money when getting it. Just know what to expect.

    Q: What is the weight limit?

    A: 250lbs, but the closer you are to that weight the less speed and acceleration you will have.

    Q: What is the weight of the board?

    A: The Riptide weighs 13 lbs.

    Q: Does anyone think its possible to skate bowls with this board? Can you loosen the trucks? Does it roll on its own freely w/o engaging the motor?

    A: You could probably skate a bowl but the learning curve will be painful. You can loosen and tighten the trucks. I wouldn’t recommend trying to push this skateboard freely.

      • pros +
      • Can be taken on an airplane 8 miles max, then needs to recharge
      • cons -
      • Brakes aren’t as smooth as you’d like Controller looks cheap
  • 2 place :

    Acton Blink S2 Dual Motor

  • Acton Blink S2 Dual Motor

    This item is a decent skateboard with plenty of cool features. For one thing, it can last up to fourteen miles on a two-hour charge. This is, of course, on smooth, flat ground. Expect that time to get divided by two if that’s a rough terrain you’re gliding on.

    Like the previous board, this one’s max speed is also 18 miles per hour. Its tires are extremely durable and of good quality. They have enough friction to skid to a halt when there’s a problem. They can also glide smoothly enough to give you a pleasant experience.

    It has a great quality controller and some cool-looking LED lights. Although, it doesn’t do so well on non-smooth surfaces so you probably shouldn’t take it out there.

    Sadly, this product only has a six-month warranty. Its manufacturer really didn’t trust this product to last very long.

    Q: It’s this waterproof?

    A: It can take a little moist ground , but wouldn't recommend riding through puddles or in rain.

    Q: Does it roll like a normal skateboard if dead?

    A: Yes it’s actually fun still goes fast.

    Q: What is the rider weight limit?

    A: 250lbs, my friend is a little under 220lbs n it still goes full speed.

      • pros +
      • 2-hour charge – 14 miles Bluetooth speaker
      • cons -
      • Only a 6-month warranty
  • 3 place :

    Blitzart Huracane

  • Blitzart Huracane

    Though advertised a higher maximum weight capacity, this board seems incapable to carry the weight really well. It would be probably best for tiny adults or kids.

    In terms of performance, you won't truly call it decent. It can’t really run up to the 10 miles as claimed in the ads. It’s just around 6-7 MPH. The battery takes too long to charge. You’ll wait for the entire three hours to replenish it just for 10 miles.

    Still, it does have some redeeming qualities. This skateboard is quite stable and has a firm grip. You’re at least safe while you’re on top of it. Just don’t use it for too long. The tires aren’t that high-quality, so at some point, they’ll give out. Although, the board is really nicely made; it’s maple and incredibly durable. It’s enforced by two bamboo layers that increase its strength and flexibility.

    If you’re just getting started on skateboarding, then this one would do. It’s not that impressive but stable, and that’s very important for beginners. Moreover, it’s cheap, and that’s the biggest reason people go for this one.

    Q: Can you reuse the battery?

    A: Yes the battery the rechargeable.

    Q: Does it go up hill?

    A: Technical answer, that depends on rider weight, road condition, angle (grade), battery charge and distance. If you are under 100 pounds and not too steep, perhaps. I'm 240 pounds. Hills eat up battery life and shorten riding time. Great customer service from Bailey and Tom at Blitzart. Bless you Kristen and always ride with Jesus.

    Q: How long does the battery have to charge for?

    A: It usually takes about 2.5-3hrs to fully charge the battery.

      • pros +
      • Cheap Stable The board is of good quality
      • cons -
      • The tires are thin. Can’t fulfill promises of advertisements
  • 4 place :


  • Skatebolt

    If you want to be impressed, then go for this skateboard. It’s almost twice more powerful as any other board on this list. It has a max speed of 25 miles per hour, which is mind-blowing. Plus, it can go up to 20 miles on a single battery charge. This board also has added some safety features like car warning for when vehicles get a little too close and bright LED lights for increased protection at night. Unlike the Riptide, you can’t really board a plane with this, so you’ll have to leave it at home when you’re going out-of-town.

    Unfortunately, it has one major problem. Since the battery housing screws are on top of your board, they have a tendency to loosen up when you’re going at the maximum speed. This is really inconvenient and dangerous, especially if you noticed that too late. There’s actually no fix to this bug - you’ll just have to pay extra attention to that part of your board.

      • pros +
      • 25 Miles per hour! 20 miles at one charge Increased safety
      • cons -
      • Loosening battery housing screws You can’t take it on out-of-town vacations
  • 5 place :

    Inboard M1

  • Inboard M1

    The last item of this list is the M1. It’s a decent skateboard with excellent features. It can run for about 7 miles straight before requiring charging. If you have extra batteries, you can just swap it in real quick and get back to skating. Each battery takes up to an hour and a half to charge to cover the entire 7 miles. The board has two motors feeding on that battery, so it’s understandable why it runs out so fast. It’s powerful; thus, you can really push through uphill roads without losing speed.

    Unfortunately, it needs a 20 second warm-up time before it starts reaching its full speed. Also, the board has a poor-quality grip tape that needs replacing. It’s not too much of a disadvantage, though. Given the amount of feature that it has, you’re still getting your money’s worth by buying it.

    This product has a year-long warranty, but that’s just for errors in manufacturing. It comes with a free protective case to protect your board from the changing weather.

      • pros +
      • Two motors on each side of the board Seven miles on a 1.5-hour charge
      • cons -
      • Needs a 20-sec warm-up to reach its full potential The low-quality grip tape

Electric Skateboard Buying Guide: What to Look At?


First of all, you have to look at the quality of the wheels. They often define the overall quality of the skateboard. The wheels are also your contact with the road, so you want them to be right on overall when it comes to performance. Take the time to check out the different wheel options, so that you can find the right wheels. Do not opt for clone wheels as they tend to chip or even disintegrate after using them for a short time.

Battery Life

Another thing you have to look at is the quality and the timeframe of the battery. No doubt having a suitable timeframe makes a model good in terms of usability so that you never have to worry about overall performance. Well, with good battery life, we can expect that it delivers on better mileage. You will be able to ride for a longer duration of time before recharging.


It is possible that with the advancement of technology, some models will come with additional connectivity options. In most cases, it includes having a remote for controlling the speed and also many other functions. As much as this is the case, you need to get a model that is easy to connect with the various accessories.


In this case, the weight, size, and overall design are likely to affect the portability. As a result, you might want to take the time to compare different models before making up your mind. Some models might be larger and heavier than others. Once you get a portable model, you will be able to take it to different places with ease.

Water Resistant

Since you need to take the best electric skateboard to different places, you also have to look at the water resistance. You have to keep in mind that it is electrical. For a good skateboard, it should be waterproof to protect the electrical components all the time.


Suffice it to say that it is crucial to keep in mind the brand reputation. This often determines the kind of model you could choose. It is best to pick a model from a top brand that can deliver on a fantastic performance.

The Best Electric Skateboard 2019 Final Advice

From the list above partaking to the best electric skateboards, you can now settle on one that you feel is the best. With the electric skateboard reviews, it is easy to get all the pros and cons. It is from such that you can learn more about the product before buying it. Well, if you are not sure, you might as well settle for the Acton Blink S model. It does come with a good range in terms of mileage and generally works.

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