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Best Home Generator Top-Picks and Review for 2019 (Our Top 4)

Last Updated: 16 January 2019

If in your house electricity outage occurs regularly, then the free power supply is indispensable. That's why the best home generator models with different power are popular. Choosing the best generator for the home is challenging. First of all, buyers are faced with the need to carry out careful calculations so as not to meet a lack of power or overpayment for its excess. However, even when everything is meticulously calculated, an equally important part of the matter remains – to choose the top house generators from seemingly identical devices in terms of characteristics. Here comes the necessity of home generators reviews of those who have already bought such devices and made a definite opinion on how expectations can be accurate. Based on the views of customers; characteristics, price-quality ratio, and popularity of devices in retail outlets, ratings of the best home generators for sale of various capacities are made.

What Is It?

The best home generator is a stand-alone device that is capable of providing electricity to appliances and rooms when the main power grids fail or are absent. Home generators are equipped with an internal combustion engine that can work on various types of fuel or from alternative sources. Also, these devices are widely used in cottages, country houses, and in places where uninterrupted power is required.

Why Do You Desperately Need This Product?

It's challenging to live without electricity now. If there is no lighting, the TV does not work, and you can’t connect the instrument, even watering is not customarily organized. To improve this situation and use all the necessary equipment, you need to think about how to choose the best generator for a home that will pull it all.

A whole home generator can be useful not only in the house. It will help build a garage and connect a car wash to the car, allow you to use welding equipment in a country house throughout the site, or repair equipment in the field. Many people take a trailer with the best portable home generator and a bunch of household appliances when they go traveling, which can be very useful for long-term tourism on the bank of the river or the sea. This is an opportunity to use all known electrical appliances far from civilization!

What Is the Best Generator for Home Use?

In choosing the best home generator, you can get confused. On the one hand, the diversity of the choice of home generators for sale is excellent. On the other hand, the fact that we do not always know exactly what we want from the best house generator frightens us. Therefore, to, at least, approximately decide which best generator for the home we need, it is necessary to decompose the problem of choice into its parts, to make up a peculiar algorithm for deciding how to choose the best house generator.

Although the primary function of best-rated home generators is to generate electrical energy, the models of home generators for sale are sometimes very different from each other. According to the best home generators reviews and our research, the best generator for home is Champion, which is highly appreciated all over the world due to the manufacturers' high technological level.

What Generator Size Is Needed to Power a House?

To calculate what power of best full home generators a house will need, the power of all the equipment that is supposed to be connected is summed up. Thus, for devices with an electric motor, starting power is taken (as a rule, it exceeds the working power by 3-5 times). If there is a question of a backup power supply for a house of average size, then a power of 6-8 kW will suffice. This will allow the use of lighting, water supply, heating, and household appliances. Those who want to use air conditioners, warm floors and other energy-intensive consumers, regardless of the compulsory nature of the energy company, should take a closer look at the mini power plants over 10 kW.

Given that the power of the best house generator is directly proportional to its cost, it is enough to refuse to turn on some devices in the absence of a centralized power supply. When studying the forums of people discussing what to buy, the home generator reviews suggest that a capacity of up to 1 kW provides electricity for lighting, heating, a refrigerator, and a computer or a TV.

How Long Can You Run a Whole House Generator?

It is important to note that the long-term operation of the best generator for home leads to unit breakdowns and the need to repair it. To understand what the duration of the work does not affect the technical condition; adversely, it is necessary to consider the features of the main types of best-rated home generators:

  • Petrol generators are low-power (from 2 to 15 kW), have compact dimensions, and feature low fuel consumption. However, the duration of the continuous operation of such a generator does not exceed 7-8 hours. Time to failure is also little (no more than 4000 hours). Therefore, petrol stations are used for emergency power supply at construction sites, in everyday life, and in traveling, during the filming of a movie;
  • Best diesel generator sets are represented by models with a wide power range (2-300 kW). They are the most reliable home generators, have a high lifespan, and their operation is safe. The operating time of a diesel generator on failure varies from several thousand to several tens of thousands of hours. Continuously, the station can work for 10 hours. Due to the high operating time of diesel generators and continuous operation without interruption, they are used as a permanent source of power supply in everyday life and at responsible construction and industrial facilities.

The manufacturer determines the maximum duration of work without the interruption of each model of the top rated home generators. Best manufacturers are continually working to improve the produced power to meet the interests of consumers. Today, when choosing a unit, you can be guided by various technical characteristics.

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