Best iPhone FM Transmitter for Car in 2019 (Our TOP 7)

Last Updated: 04 March 2019

Meet our detailed and examined review on how to choose the best FM transmitter for iPhone!

A small gadget called the best iPhone FM transmitter is needed to connect a regular flash card with a USB connector and FM radio. Usually, the device is used in cars that are older than 10-15 years, which are equipped with primitive type tape recorders. With the connection of the best iPhone FM transmitter, it becomes possible to play music tracks recorded on a USB flash drive and other digital media using a radio cassette recorder.

In this modern best iPhone FM transmitter, it is possible to interact with a phone or a laptop to play audio files from them without transferring these files to a flash card. Such best iPhone FM transmitter greatly facilitates the life of the old machine owners and allows you to do it without replacing the car stereo with a new digital audio device.

Typical best iPhone FM transmitter is equipped with a connector for car cigarette lighter, from which it receives power. Virtually all models are equipped with a small display, which reflects the operating frequency and other parameters. A set of models includes a remote control that allows controlling the transmitter from the rear seat.

Modern best FM transmitter for iPhone has a USB-connector for connecting a flash drive, and a slot for a micro-SD card. Transmitters, capable of switching to a phone or laptop, do this via a standard cord with an audio connector or via Bluetooth. Another option is to connect – with the help of appropriate applications for phones, which can be downloaded from the application store.

The main node of the best FM transmitter is an electronic unit that reads information in digital format and transforms it into an analog radio signal of the selected frequency. The reading occurs directly from the connected media, or at first, the information is rewritten to the internal memory of the device, and from there it is fed to the modulation.

Depending on the design, either the signal goes to a low-power radio transmitter that broadcasts it to the FM radio antenna or to a wired modulator that transmits it to the radio for playback by a radio tape recorder. The carrier frequency must be different from the frequency bands of the radio stations; otherwise, the imposition of the signals received by the FM receiver will degrade the quality of the sound reproduction, or even make listening to music impossible.

Best FM Transmitter: FAQs

Can iPhone Work as an FM Transmitter?

No, the iPhone does not have such a function. The maximum that you can is to download iPhone FM transmitter app that will work only through the Internet. Moreover, this is not always convenient, especially if you are in a wild place where there is no internet. Therefore, it is better to buy the FM adapter for iPhone.

How to Make iPhone Car FM Transmitter at Home?

This is a very long procedure. Moreover, you will not be able to guarantee the quality of the iPhone car radio transmitter you made. Moreover, you will spend more money on spare parts for such iPhone radio transmitter. It's easier to buy an iPhone 7 FM transmitter or simple Bluetooth car adapter and save your time and nerves.

Will FM-Transmitter Drain Car Battery?

No, you may not worry about the safety of the battery. The best FM transmitter for iPhone will not harm it.

Can I Use Bluetooth Transmitter for Car as Home FM Transmitter?

Initially, the iPhone 7 FM transmitter is designed for use in a car. Better, do not try to remodel Bluetooth FM transmitter. The iPhone or another device can be connected with it only in a car.

TOP 7 iPhone FM Transmitters Reviews and Comparison

best value
Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit
great quality of sound, best iPhone FM Transmitter
  • Rating: 10 / 10
Price: See Here
best selling
JETech Wireless FM Transmitter
good price
  • Rating: 9.8 / 10
Price: See Here
  • 1 place :
    Best Overall: Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit

  • Best Overall: Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit

    It is a convenient iPhone radio transmitter with a stylish design: a round shape, a convenient arrangement of buttons, which are lit in blue as they are used. Installation of the device is quite simple with an input port of 12/24 V. You connect it through the car cigarette lighter. This AM FM transmitter has two USB slots and a memory card slot. It is stylish, comfortable, and functional. Although some users may not like that, the device is made of plastic. Compatible with Bluetooth, you can also listen to more than 200 channels with this device.

      • pros +
      • Easy installation and easy use This best FM transmitter compatible with a large number of devices Best FM transmitter for iPhone Lightweight device with excellent design
      • cons -
      • This best FM transmitter is made of plastic There may be signal interference
  • 2 place :
    Best Price: JETech Wireless FM Transmitter

  • Best Price: JETech Wireless FM Transmitter

    Despite the fact that this FM transmitter is small, it is enough to listen to your favorite radio station or to communicate freely by phone. Futuristic design plus convenient buttons on the sides will satisfy the demands of any user. In addition, this device is available in different colors. Of course, such small size explains the absence of some functions: this FM adapter for a car does not have a USB port and an external slot for a memory card. This is not well Bluetooth FM transmitter for a car for working with an iPhone 7, which ditches the headphone jack. The quality of sound also makes you want better iPhone transmitter sometimes. Nevertheless, this is the best budget option for those who want to buy a quality device and are not ready to pay big money for it.

      • pros +
      • Small size Compatible with various devices Good sound quality Easy to use
      • cons -
      • It is not a Bluetooth FM transmitter No memory card slot
  • 3 place :
    Quick Charging: LIHAN Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

  • Quick Charging: LIHAN Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    If you are looking for a convenient wireless FM transmitter with which you can freely talk on the phone, charge your phone, listen to your favorite music from a flash card or via Bluetooth, this is what you need. More, you can listen to music and simultaneously charge the phone. This iPhone FM transmitter is compatible with many devices, which is very convenient. In addition, this device will show you the level of the charge of its battery. It monitors the state of the battery, maintaining it in acceptable rates and works sparingly for the battery.

      • pros +
      • Hands Free mode USB-slots Memory card slots Stylish design Easy to use
      • cons -
      • The quality of the sound of this FM stereo transmitter does not suit all users
  • 4 place :
    For Making And Taking Calls: AMIR Criacr Bluetooth FM Transmitter

  • For Making And Taking Calls: AMIR Criacr Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    A stylish, multifunctional best FM transmitter for iPhone 7 with an external gloss will be to the liking of someone who is in search of a quality triple for his car. The functions of the iPhone radio transmitter are extensive: the range of FM coverage from 87.5-108 MHz with a quality microphone, compatibility with almost all devices, two USB connectors for charging and playing music at the same time, the radius of the Bluetooth device is 5 meters. Moreover, its price will suit many users of such iPhone car transmitter. Don’t forget to double check if your phone model is compatible with this device.

      • pros +
      • Unusual design Wide FM range Low price Easy in use
      • cons -
      • Weak microphone Extraneous noise interference
  • 5 place :
    Nice Interface: Otium FM Radio Transmitter for iPhone

  • Nice Interface: Otium FM Radio Transmitter for iPhone

    If we talk about ergonomic design and excellent functionality, this best iPhone FM transmitter of our list will clearly be the leader. Black, stylish transmitter, with a large button in the middle and 4 buttons on the sides, this best Bluetooth transmitter is easy to connect and use. Principally, this transmitter from phone to radio has everything necessary, including Bluetooth. The biggest disadvantage is that if you are looking for the best transmitter for iPhone, this device is not for you. Yes, this FM radio transmitter for iPhone is compatible with almost all Mac, but the iPhone 7 is beyond its power. With earlier models, such as iPhone 6, radio transmitter works normally.

      • pros +
      • Good variant of Bluetooth FM transmitter Ease of use Large, user-friendly interface
      • cons -
      • Low volume Not compatible with iPhone 7
  • 6 place :
    Best Design: LDesign iPhone Radio Transmitter

  • Best Design: LDesign iPhone Radio Transmitter

    The girls will appreciate the design and appearance of this best iPhone FM transmitter a functional like the same for men and women. This FM modulator for iPhone is convenient, has four music modes. It has a convenient interface. In addition to the Bluetooth features with a transmission distance of 10 meters and an integrated microphone, this device still has a TF card slot. This best FM transmitter for iPhone is easy to use and has a good sound.

      • pros +
      • Original design Available in different colors Good sound Easy operation
      • cons -
      • Microphone is weak The quality of the material is not very high
  • 7 place :
    Simple: VicTsing Bluetooth iPhone Transmitter

  • Simple: VicTsing Bluetooth iPhone Transmitter

    This iPhone radio transmitter looks remotely like our old phones with a keyboard. However, this does not mean it does not work well. Its interface is simple and understandable, you can listen to music through the USB and a memory card, and there are slots for this. This radio transmitter from phone to a car is compatible with all the tricks based on Android, Mac, and iPhone. The quality of sound is good enough the installation is simple. Nevertheless, some users in their reviews complained that it is difficult to install the device. But, this is a solvable problem. It is quite a decent and functional best iPhone radio transmitter for a low price.

      • pros +
      • Quality sound User-friendly interface Compatibility with many products Hands free
      • cons -
      • Weak charging Sometimes it is difficult to install this iPhone car audio transmitter No power supply

Types of Bluetooth FM Transmitters

When choosing the best iPhone FM transmitter for car, it is easy to get confused in a variety of models and functions, so you must first at least be a little acquainted with the capabilities of different devices. We can divide transmitters into such types:

Cheap Budget FM Transmitters

The simplest best iPhone FM transmitters provide, as a rule, only one function – the ability to play audio on car audio from a USB-drive with small memory capacity. They are equipped with a minimum of control buttons and a small black and white display. A full scan of the playlist is often impossible; playback is performed in the order of recording in the root directory. Own memory such devices do not have, the playback quality is average.

FM-Transmitters of the Middle Price Segment

Best iPhone FM Transmitter

These devices have small internal memory and a color display on which photos or other graphic images can be displayed. Due to this fact, the processing speed of information is increased in comparison with the simplest models, so the function allows creating your own playlists and process files in several different formats. As a rule, such FM-transmitters can switch to smartphones and other media players with their own memory, for which a cord with audio connector is provided. In addition, the design usually accommodates a slot for micro-SD memory cards.

FM Transmitters with Bluetooth

The absence of a cord for connecting to a smartphone ensures the convenience of using the best iPhone FM transmitter. In addition to audio playback, they serve to maintain a speakerphone, allowing you to talk on the phone without interrupting traffic on the road. There are other features – video playback, control panel and so on.

Meet our detailed top of the best FM transmitters for iPhone and other devices.

iPhone Radio Transmitter Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Depending on how the FM transmitter will be used, three user modes can be distinguished:

The source of background sound – for those who do not pay too much attention to playing melodies, do not like to create playlists on their own, for those who can limit yourself to the simplest and inexpensive radio transmitter;

Audio + Bluetooth – the optimal iPhone FM stereo transmitter for those who spend a lot of time on the road every day, often has to answer calls, needs a high-quality and convenient speakerphone. If you are one of such users, choose Bluetooth FM transmitter;

Maximum capacity is an option for those who value high-quality sound or feel the need to play video files.

So, choose your occasion and make a choice, depending on your wishes. When choosing such a device, be sure to check with which gadgets it is compatible, the quality of the microphone and the purity of the sound.

The Best iPhone FM Transmitter 2019. Final Advice

best iPhone FM transmitters review

Like any driver, you like listening to your favorite music while driving. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, then the music will help you relax and distract. If you have several hours of night ride ahead of you, then rhythmic music will help you stay cheerful. Not all motorists can boast of a modern audio system with USB-connectors for flash memory. Radio does not always catch up well outside the city. A lot of CDs and MP3-disks in the glove compartment take up space. In this case, you will come to the rescue of a relatively inexpensive, but very functional device – best iPhone FM transmitter.

We give our preference to the best iPhone FM transmitter – Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit. The reasons for the choice of this best iPhone FM transmitter are quite understandable. This best FM transmitter for iPhone has all the necessary characteristics for convenient listening to music, talking on the phone. Moreover, the design of the best iPhone FM transmitter is very pleasant. In addition, the price is also not very high. Therefore, the ratio of price and quality, in this case, is the greatest.

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4 April, 2019

As the person above said, such product makes a FANTASTIC PRESENTyou’re your loved ones. One top fm transmitter I would recommend for anyone is Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit. On an outlook, the design is so alluring, and buyers fall in love almost immediately. Judging by its performance, it has vast connectivity, good Bluetooth coverage as well as a small portable body. You don’t have to worry about listening to all songs on your playlist anymore because it is possible! The small device brings in a whole new level of fun, and its durability is outstanding.

Louis Paul

27 March, 2019

I am a mother of 3, and I just got a wireless fm transmitter for iPhone. I must say that this is an incredible device because I could easily connect my device to my car without issues. Specifically, I got Aphaca Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit, and so far, I have not but enjoyed its performance, audibility and fast connectivity. In fact, I can drive my kids to school, pick calls and play songs they love at the same time.

Ida R. SteIda

24 March, 2019

My husband is always on the road, and I got a little something to keep him active. An iPhone wireless transmitter where he could pick calls at his convenience and play music at the same time while driving. At first, it was difficult to use, then I told him to read on how to use fm transmitter for iphone. Now, he feels like he owes me a lot after discovering what the small device can do. He says: “Awesome!”