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Best Laser Tag Gun Review and Buing Guide 2019 (Our Top 5)

Last Updated: 22 October 2019

The game with the best laser tag gun seems something mysterious for anyone who knows about it only by hearsay. A certain aura of mystery is also present in best laser tag gun and equipment, in the ways the game is played, how and by what hits are recorded, how game statistics are formed, what additional accessories can be used, and so on and so forth. You can ask a lot of questions about the game and the best laser tag gun models in particular, but it is best to look for answers to them directly in the gameplay. And yet, for those who prefer to find out about the best laser tag gun in advance, we have prepared a small overview of the best laser tag gun models available on the market.

If you want to have a good time, you should obligatory read laser tag reviews and buy the best laser tag set to find the best weapon for yourself. Here is our rating of the top 8 models created on the basis of numerous laser tag reviews and feedback.

What Is It?

Laser tag is a sports team game in which the enemy must be hit with a laser gun toy beam. Tagger is used as a weapon. In fact, this is the same paintball, but instead of paintballs, a laser beam is used, striking the sensors on the opponent's head. Adults and children can play laser combats.

Laser tag has a significant number of advantages. They include:

  • Ability to fine-tune weapons. Weapons can cause different damage; it is possible to set the number of cartridges in the store, as well as activate the "friendly fire" mode.
  • There is no need for additional protection. Laser battles are completely painless; participants do not have to acquire bulky, expensive equipment.
  • Low equipment weight. Men, women, and children can take part in the game.
  • Minimum financial costs. Players do not have to buy more balls, as well as other ammunition. In best laser tag gun, unlike paintball, the amount of ammunition is unlimited.
  • The possibility of battles in any weather. The equipment works perfectly both in the summer heat and in the harsh winter frost.
  • Significant firing range. Unlike other shooters, shootouts can be conducted at a distance of 150-300 meters.
  • Adrenaline and lots of positive emotions.

Why Do You Desperately Need This Product?

Every parent wants his child to frolic in nature. New-fashioned entertainment laser tag for children has become a safe equivalent of all sorts of games in the style of "military." This game does not only entertain, but also gives the child a sports charge due to the motor activity, as well as the strongest charge of positive emotions and impressions. In addition, this game is liked by many adults. So it is a great opportunity to relax with the whole family, immersed in a great holiday. And children can fall in love with such an exciting and mobile way to entertain themselves. This game has its undoubted advantages, which became the foundation of the popularity of laser tag in children and their parents. Most importantly, this game is completely safe, which is a decisive argument for many caring parents. The best laser tag gun does not use traumatic balls to ‘kill’ the enemies but a completely harmless laser beam, which comes from the muzzle of the blaster. And if there are no paintballs like in paintball, then there will be no dirty clothes, which will also please moms and grandmothers.

What Is the Best Home Laser Tag Game?

In a laser tag battle there may be several scenarios:

  • Counter-fight. Participants are divided into two teams. The task is to destroy all the players of the opposing team.
  • The best player "Sniper". The winner is the player who inflicts the most striking shots.
  • Capture the base. Players are divided into two teams. The goal of the game is to capture the enemy base, defend and hold it as long as possible. When the enemy hits the base, it goes to another team, and you need to win it back.
  • Siege. One team is trying to capture the fortified area in which the enemy is located. After a successful capture, the teams change places. The winner is the team that was able to hold the fortification longer.
  • Best laser tag gun is a really interesting and fascinating game that will provide maximum relaxation and positive emotions for a long time. Be sure to try yourself in a laser battle!

Are Laser Tag Guns Safe?

Best laser tag gun 2019 is the safest today in this type of war games. Paintball guns are equipped with paint-filled balls that fly at a speed of 90 m/s. In some cases, bruises appear from the impact on the skin. When playing airsoft, you risk taking a strong blow with a small plastic ball that, when shot from a short distance, breaks through the skin, as it flies out of a pistol at a speed of 230 m/s. In hardball, conventional pneumatic weapons are used, so the consequences of weak protection of equipment can be quite serious.

When the best laser tag gun “fires”, it emits a beam of infrared rays, which is fixed by special sensors mounted on players' costumes. Infrared radiation is absolutely harmless to the human body, so laser tag is a no less dynamic and safer form of entertainment compared to paintball.

How Does Laser Tag Work?

Weapons in the "laser wars" shoot or better to say radiate a beam of light, which is captured by the devices built into the ammunition. In other types of war games, where they shoot balls, you can track a flying object and quickly maneuver your movements and dodge a shot, which is almost impossible in laser gun toys.

Pistols and machine guns in laser tag are arranged somewhat differently. They either fall or not; they play here until all lives are spent. In the weapon for this exciting game, you can set your programs and settings, enter the desired number of lives, the required number of rounds, adjust the firing range, and also make it recover.

Quick Comparison
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TOP 5 Best Laser Tag Guns Compared and Reviewed

Armo Gear
best value
Armo Gear
Realistic gaming experience
  • Rating: 5.0 / 10
T1503 from Dynasty
T1503 from Dynasty
Large and small sizes
  • Rating: 4.8 / 10
Designer Case & Beetle Bug
  • Rating: 4.8 / 10
    • 4
      • LaserX
      • LaserX
      • Rating: 4.8 / 10
    • Check Price
    • 5
      • Nerf LTX
      • Nerf LTX
      • Rating: 4.8 / 10
    • Check Price
  • 1 place :

    Armo Gear

  • Armo Gear

    This tag gun takes gaming on a whole new level. You’ll get additional items to look like it, too. It comes with vests, goggles and many other cool parts. Kids would surely love it.

    This model has an incredible 150 feet range. It’s very responsive and didn’t have any problems with targets that are quite far away. It’s safe and repeatedly tested so you can confidently leave your kid alone with it.

    This product doesn’t just come in a single form. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are shotguns, handguns, rocket launchers, and so much more. As long as it’s an Armo product, the vests and the guns would respond to it. There’s no limit to how many children can join the game.

    Unfortunately, all those laser tag guns come as a bundle. You can’t get them separately. So naturally, it would cost you more considering how many of them you get. Plus, an average battery only lasts about two hours on these guns. Imagine how many batteries you would need to fund an entire afternoon session of playing. Definitely a lot!

    If your kids are under 7 and you’re looking for a fun game for them, then maybe this isn’t your choice. This is more suitable for children aged 10 and above. They’ll be able to appreciate it better.

    Q: Do both the sensors on the gun and the vest work at the same time if the gun sensors are on?

    A: They work at the same time but don't synchronize. So when the gun takes 9 hits, it stops working (even if the vest still has "lives" on it). When the vest takes 9 hits, it will say "Game over!" (but your gun will still work if it has lives left).

    Q: Does this talk constantly through game play or just when a setting is changed?

    A: I will talk when switching modes from shotgun to machine gun etc, also when switching receiver on/off, when one life left, low battery notification.

    Q: If you buy an extra set, can you play with 8 people?

    A: Yes, you can use as many sets needed. Bear in mind that that you can only have up to 4 teams. That means, you can have 4 players divided in two teams or 2 players divided in to four teams.

  • Why We Like It?
    • Feature-packed
    • Great quality
    • There’s no limit to the number of players who can join the game.
  • Click Here to Check Reviews and Price
  • 2 place :

    T1503 from Dynasty

  • T1503 from Dynasty

    If you like switching between team games and battle royale style gaming, then this model is definitely for you. You can either team up and assign the same colors to your teammates or battle it out against each other and assign a color for each of you. You can have at most four players in a one-on-one game because there are only four colors on the gun's settings.

    This tag gun doesn’t necessarily come in packs. Meaning, you don’t have to buy it in a bundle for it to work together. You can just buy more online separately, and it would still work with each other so long as they all have the same model.

    It also has additional accessories you can buy online. If your kid likes playing alone, you can buy little targets that he can play with like spiders or bugs.

    If you’re not familiar with the products or need any help, don’t hesitate to call the Dynasty toy’s hotline. The representatives are very helpful. They’ll be happy to be of assistance to you.

    Q: Do the laser guns require batteries?

    A: Yes each guns requires 4 AA batteries.

    Q: Is the receiver easy to hit?

    A: My sons feel that the guns are pretty accurate, in other words, the receiver is easy enough to hit when aiming at the other person's weapon but not so overly sensitive that it produces many false hits.

    Q: How do the guns keep score for each round? Is it easy for kids to determine who "wins"? Once you've been hit too many times, how do you get back in?

    A: As fund are hit, a light turns on. Once the max hits are reaches the gun can't shoot. Winner is person with fun still shooting at end. To rejoin or reset, turn gun off and back on.

  • Why We Like It?
    • Responsive even from a distance
    • Additional targets like spiders and bugs
    • Helpful customer service representatives
  • Click Here to Check Reviews and Price
  • 3 place :


  • KidzLane

    If you liked Armo gear, then you’ll love this one, too. This gun set has great coverage. It can hit targets that are130 feet away, which is more than enough range to cover your entire house.

    Like the Dynasty products, you can play this either as a team or as 4 solo players. It also has many different gun modes to choose from. Unlike other brands, reloading these guns is easy – just press a button at the bottom of the gun, and you’re good to go. It’s resetting that you might have a problem with. It’s not that easy, especially for little children. You need to turn it off, wait for a while and turn it back on again. If you have kids under 7 on the field, it's best to stay and watch over them and assist if they need it.

    The main difference from Armo gear is its price. This tag gun is just as functional as Armo’s – it’s just slightly of lower quality. It doesn’t mean that kids would enjoy them any less. It’s still the same game with the same rules, just without the vests.

    Q: Do these work in daylight? Or does it need to be dark?

    A: These can work on daylight, but we suggest that you play this in a dark place for you to be able to see the light indicators.

    Q: How many batteries does each gun take?

    A: Each one of the Kidzlane Laser Guns will use 4 AA batteries.

    Q: How quickly do the guns reload?

    A: There is a reload button on the bottom of each gun. It will be automatically reload once the button is pressed.

  • Why We Like It?
    • Affordable
    • Easy reload
  • Click Here to Check Reviews and Price
  • 4 place :


  • LaserX

    If you’re looking for a simple tag gun with all the necessary features, then go for this one. This is a very popular brand of tag guns on the market.

    The best part is that you’re not limited to a model. Every one of their products responds to each other, which means you have more types of guns to choose from. Plus, they’re very durable. You can drop them a couple of times, and they would still work perfectly. Although, they don’t last very long. The lifespan of this tag gun is only a couple of months, and then you need to buy a new one.

    It’s very easy to use - even little kids wouldn’t have a problem understanding how it works. Plus, these guns have a fast reaction time and a really impressive range. They can reach a target 400 feet away! Just imagine that!

    Sadly, these models are very noisy. You might have to alert the neighbors ahead of time to expect the noise or find a place where the kids can play without disturbing anyone.

      • pros +
      • Impressive range Durable guns
      • cons -
      • Noisy Wouldn’t last that long
  • Click Here to Check Reviews and Price
  • 5 place :

    Nerf LTX

  • Nerf LTX

    Here’s a good set for younger children. This Nerf tag gun is the oldest in the market. They did modify it a couple of times, but it retained a big chunk of its features. Its price has barely changed, too. This is the most affordable model on this list.

    This tag gun has cool sound effects. They also respond to other nerf sets as long as it's the same model. So you can keep adding players to the game as long as they have a gun. Unfortunately, you can’t really buy a single nerf gun. They’re always sold in sets.

    Nerfs aren’t so hard to use. When you’re hit, a red light will flash on top of your gun. That’s an indication that you’re tagged. It’s not that complicated. Although, reloading can be a challenge, especially for really small kids. So if possible, try to stand by and assist them.

    This simple game may not appeal to older kids. 10-year-olds and above fit better with Armo or Dynasty - those have more complicated rules. Kids will enjoy those better.

      • pros +
      • Affordable Pairs with other types of tag guns Really cool sound effects
      • cons -
      • Can’t be bought as a solo piece Reloading is a hassle
  • Click Here to Check Reviews and Price

Types of Laser Tag Gun

In a team sports game laser tag, the weapon can be of two types that have the same principle of action, but differ dramatically from each other visually:

  • Prototypes of real combat firearms;
  • Blasters and laser guns based on science fiction films like star wars laser tag guns. Sometimes this type of pistols and machine guns is called space weapons.

Realistic Weapon

The first type of best laser tag gun is used in laser tag combat scenarios, where the action of the game takes place on the battlefield and reproduces the clash of two or more opposing forces. It is easy to come up with many options for such battles, but if imagination is exhausted, then you can always take advantage of real historical facts, which have variations in sufficient quantities. For example, the mission to free the territory from enemies, rescue hostages, capture some strategic objects or reconnaissance and rescue of prisoners.

“Space” Weapons

The space type of weapon for laser tag differs from the combat one with relative ease, surroundings, and functionality. The appearance of machine guns and pistols are borrowed from science fiction films about the distant future, which gives the game a unique atmosphere. Also, the settings of this type of weapon allow you to increase the angle of entry and the frequency of shots, moreover, it is possible to make it rebuilding. “Space Weapons” imitates the atmosphere of battles in the best traditions of films about the future, distant cosmos and other worlds. This equipment does not only create the desired surroundings but also has a wide range of settings and is considered to be legacy toys laser tag guns.

Laser Tag Gun Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Since the basis of any laser tag is taggers and sensors, you need to choose them with special care. To begin with, you should at least be relatively aware of what a tagger is:

  • housing;
  • technical stuffing;
  • radiator;
  • Software.

It is of utmost importance to know that these components predetermine the quality of the best laser tag gun 2019 models, its price and the success of your gameplay. Naturally, it should be reliable and practical. Laser tag game appeals not only to children, but adults also like this sports activity. As a result, more and more equipment for this game begins to appear on the market, so it is complicated to stop your choice on something particular without some basic knowledge about the subject matter. That’s why we’ve decided to ease you the job a little and define some of the characteristics that should be considered first of all.

#1 Performance

As the taggers are portable devices, they work on batteries. No one surely wants to be out of the charge during the battle, so it is essential to choose the set with a more extensive charging capacity. Furthermore, children tend to press the buttons more often than adults, and they can run out of charge quicker.

#2 Quality

Mainly, the laser tag guns are made from plastic with some reinforcement with composite materials. The price of the materials positively influences the quality of the materials used in the best laser tag toy or set. So, a variety of plastics is used. While choosing a laser tag gun, mind that this weapon can be dropped often or knocked into objects, so the quality of plastic is essential.

#3 Price

Just a standard set with laser tag guns without any accessories and new games can cost you from $25 to $35 per gun. If you need some accessories or an additional battery, be ready to pay from $35 to $55 per gun.

#4 Number of Guns

It is undoubtedly annoying to play laser tag alone. The best laser tag gun sets usually include two, four, or six blasters. It is also possible to buy a multiplier set, which is compatible with other guns.

#5 Settings

The most straightforward laser tag gun is equipped with such features as a power button, speaker, target area, a reload button, and, of course, your trigger. The vest may have such features as health and ammo displays. There also can be flashlights and invisibility modes.

#6 Shooting Modes

More advanced laser tag equipment is equipped with different weapon modes, such as rocket launchers, pistols, and shotguns.

#7 Sounds and Effect

Many laser guns have true-to-life sound effects when you fire your blaster or when you hit your target. Some brands also offer music and voice coaches.

#8 Ease of Use

The ease of operation of the equipment allows you to play. The rifle and vest are made of the kit. At the same time, during the game, the child needs to target and shoot while electronics do the rest for it. The player will not be distracted from the game.

Best Laser Tag Gun Final Advice

The best laser tag gun functions almost the same as the TV remote control – remotely, and it is safe for humans. The best laser tag gun is perfect for both adults and children of any age (although it’s better not to give blaster to kids under four years old). You can play anywhere – from your apartment to the forest. The best laser tag gun like Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag is an excellent simulator for the younger warriors. This game contributes to the development of physical endurance, ingenuity, develops tactics, and improves logical thinking. It also teaches how to work in a team and trains the fighting spirit. According to laser tag reviews, the best laser tag gun remarkably unites the team and the family. No wonder that such a hobby is gaining popularity all over the world. Thus, everyone who has picked up a remote pistol, at least once and spent a couple of hours among tangled labyrinths, is ready to leave the best laser tag reviews about laser tag leisure!

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Best Choice
Armo Gear
Armo Gear
Check Price
  • Rating: 5.0 / 10
T1503 from Dynasty
T1503 from Dynasty
Check Price
  • Rating: 4.8 / 10
Check Price
  • Rating: 4.8 / 10