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Best Stereo Receiver for Home in 2019 (Our TOP 8)

Last Updated: 04 March 2019

How to choose the best stereo receiver? Meet our detailed and examined review. This is a device that helps to play music, video, and other media files, depending on the need.

The best stereo receiver is an irreplaceable device for those people who like to listen to music or watch movies. This is the last missing item for your home entertainment system.

The best stereo receiver can perform several functions at the same time. The best stereo receiver also has a convenient control that allows you to switch it between audio and video with ease. Most modern stereos can perform the functions of a radio. In addition to everything else, you can also build a tracklist playback in order to listen or watch.

The best stereo receiver allows you to choose the quality of the video. Also with the help of such a receiver, you can switch TV shows, music, and even play computer games or video games. Based on stereo receiver reviews, this article provides a list of the best stereo receivers with their pros and cons and helps you make the informed choice. In addition to everything else, you will find information about choosing the best stereo receiver for your particular case.

TOP 8 Best Stereo Receivers for Sale Compared and Reviewed

best value
Yamaha R-S202BL
  • Rating: 10 / 10
Price: See Here
Sony STRDH130
Great Performance
  • Rating: 9.8 / 10
Price: See Here
best selling
Sherwood AM/FM RX4508
Quality Bluetooth
  • Rating: 9.6 / 10
Price: See Here
  • 1 place :
    Best Overall: Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver Review

  • Best Overall: Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver Review

    Yamaha is a brand that is widely known around the world for its high-quality technology. If we talk about our rating “The best stereo receiver 2019”, this Yamaha stereo receiver became a leader of it, and not accidentally. This model has high strength, and you can see at first sight that this device is made of high-quality materials.

    The dimensions of this best stereo receiver under 500 are not very convenient, but you can always choose a place to install it. As for the benefits, it has Bluetooth and 40 AM/FM radio stations.

    Among other things, we should note very simple, but stylish design of this best receiver under 500. The price of it is quite acceptable, which will appeal to many users.

    This best Yamaha receiver has many additional features, which is its undisputed advantage. All these facts guarantee that you will be able to use this best home receiver for a long time and with pleasure.

      • pros +
      • Bluetooth Can memorize 40 radio stations Stylish design that fits anywhere Ability to select speakers Made of high-quality material
      • cons -
      • We did not find cons in this device
  • 2 place :
    Sony Stereo Receiver STRDH130 Review

  • Sony Stereo Receiver STRDH130 Review

    If you are looking for a device that will provide you with the perfect sound, pay attention to the Sony receiver. It has two channels and five analog audio inputs.

    Unfortunately, it does not offer ability to call or other extra functions, like many new devices, but if you value simplicity and quality, then this device is for you. You will have excellent sound quality, good performance, and durability from a proven brand, choosing this device.

    Simply put, if you do not need any additional features, but you need a reliable home stereo receiver with great performance then choose Sony.

      • pros +
      • Professional design Great sound A fair amount of feature for your money It has many outputs and inputs for power Provides electricity and water savings
      • cons -
      • No HDMI port No optical audio output Ports are not of high quality
  • 3 place :
    RX4508 Sherwood AM/FM Stereo Receiver Review

  • RX4508 Sherwood AM/FM Stereo Receiver Review

    This device can be considered one of the best two-channel devices rightfully. Some people consider it the best receiver because it has a reasonable price and excellent sound quality so that many users like it.

    In addition, this best stereo receiver is equipped with Bluetooth. The sound is more spacious, which is very comfortable. However, if you like a flat sound, rather than a dynamic one, then you should look at another device.

    In general, if we talk about this device, it is quite decent and has many functions.

      • pros +
      • Excellent sound quality for open audio files Excellent Bluetooth Many inputs for speakers of various sizes Good design
      • cons -
      • Based on stereo receiver reviews, the device does not support all audio files
  • 4 place :
    Best Surround Sound: TX-RZ810 Onkyo Network Stereo Receiver Review

  • Best Surround Sound: TX-RZ810 Onkyo Network Stereo Receiver Review

    A receiver that is of superior quality due to its advanced features. The manufacturer claims that with this model you can get surround sound at home.

    This device works great with good speakers, but it is worth noting that with strong speakers. Therefore, you will need a good amplifier. You get the dynamics and the accuracy of sound; detail and movie soundtracks will be very realistic.

    It is one of the best top rated stereo receivers that exist on the market now. This device will satisfy the needs of any user. Many positive stereo receiver reviews prove it.

    This cheap stereo receiver has a certificate, which is obtained for the maximum compliance with the home theater advantages.

      • pros +
      • Excellent sound quality The sense of reality sound Multichannel sound capacity 3 years warranty Many additional features
      • cons -
      • Sometimes there are problems with the HDMI port
  • 5 place :
    Wi-Fi Support: TX-8140 Onkyo Network Stereo Receiver Review

  • Wi-Fi Support:  TX-8140 Onkyo Network Stereo Receiver Review

    If you want to have a modern receiver, pay attention to this device. One of the main advantages of this best stereo receiver is support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    It has excellent sound quality and supports a large number of files.

    If you love the incredible sound quality and are meticulous about it, you should pay attention to this device. It is one of the top rated receivers for real audiophiles.

    As for cons, it can be called the fact that the handles of this device are made of inexpensive plastic. This suggests that they are short-lived.

      • pros +
      • Supports a large number of audio formats Superior sound quality The incredible gift for audiophiles A special application that allows you to control this device using the remote control is included to the kit Stylish design
      • cons -
      • Handles made from cheap material
  • 6 place :
    Best Price: HK 3700 Harman Kardon Stereo Receiver Review

  • Best Price: HK 3700 Harman Kardon Stereo Receiver Review

    This brand is widely known worldwide for producing high-quality devices for listening to sound. This best stereo receiver is no exception.

    One of the main advantages of this device is the very low price; however, this does not mean that Harman Kardon produces poor sound quality.

    You will spend the minimum amount of money, but you will get a sufficiently high-quality device. You will have a sound that will appeal to any member of your family. This means that the purchase of this best budget receiver will not be hard for you.

    As for the cons, it is worth noting that here you may find difficulties with the USB slot. If your flash drive is not formatted, in some formats, there is a danger that the device does not consider this file format. Therefore, before this, you will have to format the USB flash drive in the desired format for this device.

      • pros +
      • Stylish design that fits into any interior High sound quality Very low price
      • cons -
      • The problem with the USB slot, when you need to format the USB flash drive Problems with remote control
  • 7 place :
    Versatile: PT272AUBT Pyle Stereo Receiver Review

  • Versatile: PT272AUBT Pyle Stereo Receiver Review

    Above is another example of a quality and good stereo receiver for a low price.

    This best stereo receiver supports Bluetooth, AM/FM. In addition, this model supports various digital audio formats.

    It has a liquid crystal display and a variety of slots for connecting speakers. You will be able to connect a microphone. In addition, you can control this device with the remote control and adjust the equalizer settings.

    Moreover, it has a built-in fan to prevent it from heating up, which greatly affects the durability and strength of the device.

    Therefore, if you are looking for an inexpensive stereo receiver for sale with a large number of functions, you should definitely pay attention to this receiver.

    Speaking about cons, it should be said that when the volume is increased, the Bluetooth signal might be lost.

      • pros +
      • Excellent value for money and quality Built-in fan for protection against overheating Support for many audio formats Bluetooth Many connectors Convenient display The ability to control the equalizer when listening to sound
      • cons -
      • When the volume of the signal increases, Bluetooth is lost
  • 8 place :
    Yamaha Stereo Receiver R-S300BL Review

  • Yamaha Stereo Receiver R-S300BL Review

    Nice design, good sound quality − another best stereo receiver from Yamaha.

    Again, you see an example of a good radio receiver for audiophiles who appreciate superior sound quality and are precise about the little things.

    Here you will find many connectors, in particular, for headphones. It is worth noting the good design and use of quality materials. There are many stereo receiver reviews, which prove the great quality of this device.

    Speaking about disadvantages, we would say some functions can be done only using the remote.

      • pros +
      • Incredibly clear and crisp sound Great design Disable the display in sleep mode, so as not to distract attention Durable connectors Great material
      • cons -
      • Access to some functions is possible only with the help of a remote control

Stereo Receiver Buying Guide – What To Look At?

Before buying a receiver, you need to decide on some parameters of its use:

  • How much do you like sound quality? If you are susceptible to trifles, then you need to choose the receiver for the sound quality very carefully. It may be, for example, the sound from Yamaha, which is appreciated by all audiophiles. It is included in the list “Best stereo receiver 2019” in this article.
  • The next item worth noting is the presence of additional functions, such as radio or equalizer control. Again, pay attention to this when choosing.
  • The next aspect is the number and variety of connectors. Decide how you prefer to connect the device to the speakers or another device, and then make a choice.
  • Do you like listening to the radio? How many waves are enough for you?
  • What devices will you play sound with? Using a phone via Bluetooth? Using Wi-Fi, USB slot or SD-card? These moments are also very important, and they are usually written in the characteristics of the product.
  • Do not forget about the design. Choose a device that fits into the interior of your home or apartment.
  • Before buying, be sure to read the stereo receiver reviews of real users. Thus, you can understand how well a particular model works in real life.

The Best Stereo Receiver. Final Advice

The best stereo receiver is the must-have thing for those, who appreciate functional devices and comfort at home. If you like to listen to music, radio or watching movies, even play computer and video games, you can make your life more comfortable and buy the best stereo receiver. It is a thing, which will help you to manage all these functions without problems and with great comfort.

The best stereo receiver in the rating “Best stereo receiver 2019” is Yamaha Stereo Receiver R-S202BL. It is the multifunctional device, which produces the perfect sound. In addition, this best stereo receiver is made of very quality materials, which can guarantee that you will use it for a long time. This option has a stylish design, which will suit any room.

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