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Best Surge Protector to Buy in 2019 (Our Top 9)

Last Updated: 04 March 2019

In the apartment of a modern person or office, there can be a huge amount of electrical appliances. Some of them are used only from time to time. For example, these include a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, and various power tools. Other things need access to electricity if not constantly, then very often. For example, tablets, smartphones, action cameras, portable batteries, and cameras regularly require recharging. And if you take the PC as an example, then the situation becomes even more evident – a separate outlet is needed for the monitor, the system unit, the printer and the speakers without mentioning other peripherals. That is why the best surge protector is in great demand. The best surge protector may consist of four, five or even more outlets. The high-quality best surge protector is able to withstand a large amount of electricity, correctly filter it and preserve devices from any trouble.

We have compiled a list of the best network filters based on expert assessments and surge protector reviews from real customers. Our recommendations will help you to make a choice, according to the best requirements and desires. There are many competitors in the global equipment market, but we have selected the best manufacturers as the surge protector reviews state and recommend paying special attention to them.

What Is It?

The best surge protector is the device that will save your equipment from interference and power surges in the mains. Externally, the best surge protector may look like an ordinary power strip, but the difference is that the surge protector is equipped with a special unit, mitigating the effects of sudden surges of electricity.

Why Do You Desperately Need a Surge Protector?

Only in an ideal world, the current in an electrical outlet has only two states: it is present or not. In reality, the "behavior" of electric power has an "analog" unpredictable character, unpleasantly surprising every time you expect it the least. There are many reasons why the “mains powered” can deviate from the norm and even go beyond the standard deviations. So, the evening voltage in the network – when each outlet of each apartment switches on a kettle, a TV or a computer – is significantly different from the voltage at night or daytime with a minimum load.

Sometimes the problem is known very well, for example, a powerful hairdryer, a kettle or an old refrigerator, periodically sends out “electric irons” on flimsy home or office wiring, which is beyond our power to get rid of, although in some cases the problem is solved by tightening the contacts all the way. The list of possible sources of problems with electricity can be continued. But whether it is sparking contacts in the stairwell or regular surges at the substation – for the owner of the “suddenly” burned out not guaranteed equipment, the result is one. To avoid all these misfortunes and problems, you need to purchase the best surge protector 2019.

How Many Joules Is a Good Surge Protector?

The bigger, the better. Usually, this parameter is a few hundred joules, but in higher-quality filters, this value can go up to several thousand joules.

Does Power Surge Protector Really Work?

It is important to understand that the best surge protector only saves from mains interference (power surges) and does not serve as an uninterruptible power supply. This must be taken into account when using a device for working with computer equipment. In the event of an abrupt voltage surge, the power will be turned off, which is not capable of ensuring the integrity of information, unlike UPS, which in some cases is visually similar to the filter.

Do Surge Protectors Wear Out?

Few people know, but surge protectors can wear out. For about 2 years, they let through a possible number of Joules and fail. This is especially dangerous because the operation of surge protectors that have expired can end in fire. The service life of the best surge protector can be roughly determined based on the duration of the warranty that is given to this device. If the manufacturer is confident in the quality of its filter, then the guarantee will be large, sometimes reaching even a mark of five years, because, in the event of an instrument failure due to a voltage jump, the product will be exchanged. If the model does not have a warranty period of three years, it is better to look for a more reliable device.

What Exactly Do Surge Protectors Do?

  1. Surge protection. They occur when equipment is turned on and off, for example, a perforator or a washing machine in a nearby apartment.
  2. Protection against voltage pulses. They are short-term, formed as a result of lightning strikes or improper grounding.
  3. Protection against noise interference. These are radio frequency and electromagnetic interference from home appliances and radio stations operating nearby.

TOP 9 Best Surge Protectors Compared and Reviewed

best value
APC Back-UPS Pro Surge Protector
Long Battery Life
  • Rating: 10 / 10
Price: See Here
Belkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug Surge Protector
Highest value damaged-equipment warranty protection
  • Rating: 9.6 / 10
Price: See Here
best selling
Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector
Lifetime warranty, insurance and support
  • Rating: 9.2 / 10
Price: See Here
  • 1 place :
    Best PC Surge Protector: APC Back-UPS Pro Review

  • Best PC Surge Protector: APC Back-UPS Pro Review

    The APC surge protector is a premium product because of the batteries used, the design, and the overall feature set. The UPS has 1500 volts, which is equivalent to 865 watts. It is made in a stylish matte case of high-quality plastic with a glossy front panel. The UPS is equipped with a small LCD screen with three convenient and intuitive buttons. The middle button is to turn on the block, the left button to turn off sound alerts and the right button to scroll through the statistics displayed on the screen.

    On the back of the UPS, there are all sorts of interface ports: 2 Ethernet ports, 2 coaxial ports and 10 standard ports for power cables, five of which are short-circuit proof and five are battery operated. On the left, there is another slot for connecting an additional module with an external battery. There is also a data port with an RJ-45 connector to the serial or USB port. It is used to connect to a PC to control the UPS. Since the UPS is linearly interactive, it supports voltage regulation settings. One of the best surge protectors — UPS APC Pro 1500VA has a special sensitivity menu that monitors the level of noise in the incoming electrical signal. But one of the most important characteristics of an uninterruptible power supply is the battery life.

      • pros +
      • LCD screen All sorts of interface ports Supports voltage regulation settings Long battery life PowerChute Personal Edition software
      • cons -
      • Weight Price
  • 2 place :
    Battery Backup: Belkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug Review

  • Battery Backup: Belkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug Review

    Belkin surge protector with 12 outlets is perfect for equipment that could lose data or be damaged in case of powered down abruptly.

    This battery surge protector is equipped with 4 standard-spaced outlets and 4 pivoting sockets on either side. The latter pivot up to 90 degrees, so you can intermingle ungainly AC adapters without any problems. Given the Belkin surge protector review, its price makes it one of the more expensive surge suppressors, but it’s also the most flexible, and it has the highest joules rating and the lowest clamping voltage.

      • pros +
      • 12 outlets Side sockets pivot up to 90 degrees Protected and Grounded indicator lights Cable organizer Coaxial and telephone line pass-through protection
      • cons -
      • No circuit breaker/reset button
  • 3 place :
    Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Review

  • Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Review

    Tripp Lite surge protector is a great choice if you worry about your electronic equipment. Tripp Lite Company has been a leader in this market since the era of PC. The Tripp Lite has a green “Protected” and red “Grounded” LED to inform the necessary surge suppression is reached. The device provides 600 joules of surge energy absorption. This filter is suitable for office, home, portable and personal electronics like device chargers and small units. Its small size also allows it to fit in a carry-on bag or laptop case for handy protection while traveling.

      • pros +
      • 600-joule surge protection rating EMI/RFI noise filtering Protected AC outlet; Space-saving, portable design Diagnostic LEDs
      • cons -
      • Only 1 outlet
  • 4 place :
    Best Safety: APC Surge Protector 11-Outlet Review

  • Best Safety: APC Surge Protector 11-Outlet Review

    Surge protector APC surge protector has 11 outlets, telephone (splitter) and coaxial lines protection, 120 V. It guarantees maximum and convenient protection of computers, laptops and other electronic devices. The 180-degree pivot cable retainer allows you to place the SurgeArrest power filter in any position and have complete freedom in choosing the routing path of the power cord. This Best Surge Protector for tv is equipped with a LED indicator that shows damage to the internal circuits as a result of a strong impact or due to the impact of a surge overvoltage in the supply mains, as well as in case if the filter cannot provide 100% protection. During the warranty period, such a warning is the basis for free replacement of a damaged SurgeArrest device. It has an ability to connect large blocks of transformers without overlapping adjacent outlets.

      • pros +
      • Phone line splitter Resettable circuit breaker Receptacle shock safety shutters Fail-safe mode
      • cons -
      • Does not switch off when there is no protection
  • 5 place :
    Inexpensive: AmazonBasics Surge Protector 6-Outlet Review

  • Inexpensive: AmazonBasics Surge Protector 6-Outlet Review

    AmazonBasics surge protector with 6 outlets is a great option for the ones that are looking for something both cheap and reliable. This inexpensive surge protector comes with a simple design and a long 6 feet cord.

    Looking at what is offers the model of the best surge protectors has 6 outlets with one transformer outlet. It has a rated power of 790 Joules and comes with an indicator switch that makes it easy to tell when the devices connected to it are protected from surges or not.

      • pros +
      • Inexpensive 15-amp circuit breaker Three-line surge protection 790 joules of protection Narrow shape
      • cons -
      • Offers only 790 joules of protection 6-foot power cable
  • 6 place :
    Tripp Lite Surge Protector TLP1008TEL Review

  • Tripp Lite Surge Protector TLP1008TEL Review

    Tripp Lite's surge protector is one of the best inexpensive filters for protection of home electronics, PCs, workstations, telecom systems, and other sensitive devices. This device is equipped with 10 outlets, an 8-foot cord, and diagnostic LEDs to inform of suppressor damage. The surge protector has 2395 joules to guard equipment against the strongest surges and line noise. There are built-in RJ11 jacks to protect your electronic devices.

      • pros +
      • A mix of close and spaced-out outlets A minimum of clutter on the outlet layout Clamps voltage on all three legs Built-in safety covers
      • cons -
      • Power button bulges out of a top
  • 7 place :
    For Professionals: CyberPower Surge Protector Review

  • For Professionals: CyberPower Surge Protector Review

    The CyberPower Surge protector is suitable for Home/Office usage. It offers 6 swivel outlets, 1200 joules, and 2 USB ports. It is perfect if you need to protect PCs, printers, and other electronics. Through its USB ports, you will keep your smartphones, tablets and other electronics charged whenever you need it. The filter will guard your electronics against lightning surges, line abnormalities and block unwanted line noise.

      • pros +
      • Dual USB 2.1 Amp charging ports MOV technology EMI/RFI filters ISO & Safety certifications Limited lifetime warranty
      • cons -
      • Covers adjacent outlets
  • 8 place :
    Budget: BESTEK Surge Protector 6 Outlets Review

  • Budget: BESTEK Surge Protector 6 Outlets Review

    Bestek surge protector with 6 sockets and 4 Smart USB charging ports plus Quick Charge 2.0 feature allows you to charge 10 units at the same time, and you do not need a phone and laptop charger. Thanks to the Smart IC technology that auto-detects your devices, the surge protector tries to charge your items in the fastest possible way. Due to the lighted power switch with an integrated 15 amp circuit breaker, you may not worry that your devices can be damaged. The device has a built-in over-heated, over-charging and overload protection against short circuits.

      • pros +
      • 6 Outlets surge protectors Smart IC Technology combined with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 Multi-protection Mountable with long cable Compact Design
      • cons -
      • Outlets are located too close to each other
  • 9 place :
    Best Desktop Surge Protector: Tripp Lite TLP26 Review

  • Best Desktop Surge Protector: Tripp Lite TLP26 Review

    Tripp Lite surge protector is convenient for home, workstations, office and dorm rooms and is ideal for daily charging tasks. The device is equipped with 2 AC outlets and 4 USB ports to handle multiple devices. The main advantage of the unit is a built-in slot to hold your tablet or phone while charging. This filter also has a 6-foot cord and diagnostic LED to inform about its damage. Given the surge protector reviews, this filter has 1080 joules protecting the equipment from surges and line noise.

      • pros +
      • Compact design with small footprint Rohs compliant for safety Environmentally Friendly Handy slot for tablets and phone
      • cons -
      • 110v only, so not for travel

Types of Surge Protectors

Depending on the level of security provided, the surge protectors are divided into the following types:


They provide basic security features. These are inexpensive simple devices that are used to protect simple household appliances.

Home / Office

These are universal devices with an optimal combination of price and quality. Such surge protectors can be used with most household appliances.


This is professional equipment for complex electronic devices. It provides maximum protection but is much more expensive. Such devices can be used to protect especially sensitive to voltage drops expensive devices, for example, home theaters.

Surge Protector Buying Guide – What to Look At?

The sophisticated modern consumer, before choosing from a catalog of photos and buying the best surge protector 2019, carefully examines ratings and customer surge protector reviews. It is easy to buy any product in the online store now, because every seller takes care of maximally providing information about the characteristics of each item in its range. So what to pay attention to picking the best surge protector?

Are Power Strip and Surge Protector the Same?

The very first factor that will help distinguish the best surge protector from a conventional power strip is its price. As a rule, the price of the extension cord will be higher than that of the filter, with the same number of outlets and cable lengths. But the main difference between these two units is in the purpose of their use. A power strip is used to simplify the connection of devices to the mains if the length of the standard cable is not enough. The design of such a device is quite simple and internally completely similar to a conventional wall socket. But the surge protector does not just allow you to connect the device, which is far from the outlet. This unit contains components that protect our favorite computers and televisions from short circuits and high-frequency interference in the urban network.

What Equipment You Need to Protect?

For a computer or laptop, you should purchase a device equipped with varistors and capacitors. Capacitors “take” excess energy with increasing voltage, and give it back while reducing it. The device is able to protect computer equipment from pulsed and high-frequency interference. For a TV, a 250 V surge protector is sufficient. This is enough to protect the device with a rated power of 130 V, including all additionally connected things. For expensive LCD models, you must select filters with maximum protection. When using a stabilizer, the need to connect a surge protector is eliminated. For household appliances (refrigerator, microwave, multi-cooker and other appliances), there are enough models that fit the total power. In this case, there are suitable basic options, reliable and relatively inexpensive.

How Many Outlets Do You Need?

Surge filters with the exception of single portable surge protector devices are designed for the simultaneous connection of several devices. The more outlets on the filter are, the more electrical appliances can be connected.

How Long Should Be the Cord?

Long cable provides mobility, increases the area on which you can use the connected device. Long cables are convenient in rooms with a large area for building tools, vacuum cleaners, and other portable equipment. But in small rooms there is no need to take an extension cord “with a margin”; it suffices to limit it to models with an average cable length; otherwise it will interfere and get tangled. The most common lengths of surge protectors are 1.5; 1.8; 3; 4; 5; 10 meters. The too long cord is also undesirable – the efficiency of the device will decrease. What Happens when the Capacity of the Surge Protector is Reached? Each filter has a maximum power that should not be exceeded. Usually, it is 3500 watts. This information is usually indicated near the “ON / OFF” switch or on the bottom of the filter. Improper use of a power surge protector can cause a fire.

What about Warranty?

This parameter is important. The bigger the warranty period is, the better it is! If the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the device, then the warranty will be great. Some manufacturers give a guarantee of up to 5 years, so try to choose a smart surge protector with a guarantee of at least 3 years. In this case, if the filter fails due to a voltage surge, the device will be subject to replacement under warranty.

Other Features to Consider

To choose the right office or home surge protector, pay attention to the following:
  • Total Energy Dissipation
  • The parameter is calculated in Joules, and the greater its value is, the better the device copes with impulse noise.
  • Maximum Load Current
  • The parameter is calculated in amperes and the greater its value is, the more efficiently the device will cope with voltage drops in the mains.
  • Maximum Capacity
  • This parameter is denoted in watts and determines the total power consumption of electrical devices connected to the filter.

Rhatio of the Number of Outlets and the Ability to Withstand High Loads

Cheap devices may have the ability to connect multiple devices, but tey are not designed for them at all. It is necessary to plan in advance what will be connected to this filter, sum up the power and compare it with that indicated in the technical passport. It is desirable that there is a small margin – about a third of the nominal load. In this case, the filter will work smoothly and reliably.

Distance Between the Sockets

It should be sufficient to have enough space for an adapter.

Contact Plug

In models of bona fide manufacturers, they are made of high-quality non-ferrous metal. This is checked with a magnet. Cheap metal will often overheat, which is fraught with damage to the case and burning of contacts.

Number of Switches on the Surge Protector

It can be in a single for the whole house surge protector or individual for each outlet. In the second case, the advantage is the ability to control the supply of electricity to each single surge protector.


A surge protector with USB, sockets with different standards, the light indication of workflows simplify the operation of the device.


The whole home surge protector is the device that everyone can afford, and it is an indispensable thing in any home. The cost varies depending on the manufacturer, the degree of protection, maximum power, and additional features. If there is no need for a high degree of protection, if power surges are rare in your home, then there is no point in overpaying. In the case of constant electrical noise, the safest surge protector with a high degree of protection is indispensable. It should be noted that it is better not to be limited to a cheap model, as it is well known, “the miser pays twice.”

The Best Surge Protector. Final Advice

The best surge protector selected properly will significantly extend the life of expensive household appliances. You should not save on this – it is better to pay now than later to incur much higher expenses for repairs. In the best surge protector, there are additional options. For example, an automatic fuse that turns off power at a certain current overload or special metal oxide varistors that are triggered by extreme voltage spikes during a thunderstorm or in the event of a short circuit. Some best surge protector models offer additional “services,” for example, provide filtering and protection for telephone line/fax, Ethernet surge protector and television antenna. The occurrence of such interference is not such a big rarity in old buildings, the cabling in which has become a multi-layered and sometimes chaotic interlacing of power and signal wires with old and rusted contacts over many years of operation. Functions of such filtering with equal success can be claimed both in the office and at home. Our choice of the best surge protector is APC Back-UPS Pro, as it is an interesting multifunctional UPS with all the necessary types of protection that a home user may need. Thanks to smart sockets and the presence of the screen, it provides increased usability and high information content. In addition, it is possible to install alternative inexpensive batteries, and the APC service makes repair and replacement of components without any problems.

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