Best Telescope for Kids To Buy in 2019 (Our Top 10)

Last Updated: 04 March 2019

Getting your children the right birthday present or giving them something to enhance their creativity could be a little difficult and requires suggestion and extra efforts from you. Buying best telescope for kids wouldn’t be such a bad idea considering the fact that it has a lot to do with the world around them. The best telescope for kids is an important thing you should consider alongside any other presents, and in this article on the best telescope for kids we will guide you.

What Is the Best Telescope for Kids?

While telescopes are important tools for stargazers, it is also a fantastic device to put in your home for your children. The best 4elescope for kids is so much different from every other type on the market because they have advanced but basic features which make it fun. While you may think common devices wouldn’t last long, the best telescopes for kids are highly-durable if properly maintained; and the best telescope for kids reviews from real users prove that. We recommend you Orion SkyQuest XT8.

Since there are several such devices in the world today, each representing one brand or the other, it is sufficient to buy one that offers good value for money. Brands, such as Orion and Celestron, produce great products with good aperture size, tube, ocular pieces, magnification which are important for the best children telescope. However, some of those can be seen in our top 10 reviews below, check through for one that catches your attention.

Why Should you Buy the Best Telescope for Kids?

When you have kids at home, you could make them see the beauty of science and nature just from the stars. While they were young, they were told stories of how the stars unite and how beautiful they are at night, even some were told about shooting stars. However, for you to enhance their learning and satisfy their curiosity, a telescope for kids is the best choice. In essence, there are many things to learn about the stars, and the only device you could get the kids is an outstanding telescope with superb features!

What Is The Best Telescope For Viewing Planets?

The main purpose of getting telescopes is to view stars, planets, and galaxies and anything less than this shouldn’t be considered as its best. In this review, you will find various kinds of devices used in viewing long distant spatial objects in which one of them are planets. Nevertheless, one should be ready for the price at which it would be offered to consumers.

TOP 10 Best Telescopes for Kids Compared & Reviewed

best value
Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope
Reflector Optics
  • Rating: 10 / 10
Price: See Here
Emarth Refracter Telescope
High Magnification
  • Rating: 9.6 / 10
Price: See Here
  • 1 place :
    Best Overall: Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Review

  • Best Overall: Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Review

    This is one of the best reflectors in the world today because it is strong, super-effective and has outstanding magnifications. In terms of balance, it is very stable and has a very simple design as well as perfect optics. The device can be used to see planets as well as celestial objects; hence, it is good for all ages, including kids. One of the best attributes of this model is its 8 inches diameter reflector optics (large aperture) which is the highest in this review.

      • pros +
      • Large aperture that enhances a better view A super-stable base for balance Good for all ages (astronomers and kids) Easy to assemble 4-18+ years
      • cons -
      • Quite heavy to carry
  • 2 place :
    Best Value for Money: Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope Review

  • Best Value for Money: Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope Review

    Due to its sleek design and affordable price, most beginners choose this model over any other type. It has a 70 mm (2.6”) aperture size which is good enough to view some celestial images, planets and watch the night sky from the balcony. Watching this tool get assembled is one of the easiest things your kids will love to do, and the awesomeness in use is intriguing. It’s also the best Celestron telescope on this list.

    Looking at its structure, one remarkable feature on the device is the panhandle and control buttons.

      • pros +
      • Easy to assemble parts Perfect control mechanisms StarPointer base enhances topnotch stability Produces erect images 6-18+ years
      • cons -
      • A few parents claimed it came defective, but replacements were sent
  • 3 place :
    Nice Accessories: Emarth Refracter Telescope Review

  • Nice Accessories: Emarth Refracter Telescope Review

    Talking about top-rated telescopes for beginners, pick Emarth Refracter model as it has Tripod and Finderscope as well as an incredible lens to help amateurs. This device is not only clear but bright and produces real HD images of the stars and sky. The body design and accessories in its package are both beautiful.

    In addition, it is one of the few that has two eyepieces which allows the user to observe distant objects more clearly.

      • pros +
      • Two eyepieces to view far off images Good for beginners and small kids Produces high-quality HD images Beautiful body 4-12 years
      • cons -
      • Few users say the lens is blurry
  • 4 place :
    Educational Insights Talking Telescope Review

  • Educational Insights Talking Telescope Review

    Unlike most telescopes for kids with sleek, strong and advanced body design, this model is plastic and useful by little kids. It enhances the comprehension skills of an observer and helps to understand sights and images more clearly. It is also a tool that sharpens the thinking level, and children learn to assemble parts easily, putting them ready for use.

    Also, being a comprehension device, it talks and drops fun facts and questions for users. This way, they learn faster how to use a more advanced model in the future.

      • pros +
      • Easy to assemble plastic parts together Enhances STEM learning Talks and drops over 200 fun facts and questions Built-in storage and battery-saving automatic shut-off mechanism 5-8 years
      • cons -
      • Only usable by small kids
  • 5 place :
    DIY Kids Telescope Review

  • DIY Kids Telescope Review

    DIY Kids unit is another good alternative for beginners. It has 3 different magnification eyepieces with an easy mode of operation and outstanding features to enhance maximum user-experience. Although it is easily detachable, it is also easy to reassemble to put to use.

    This device is primarily used to look at the moon and few other heavenly bodies around it. It comes with a user manual which is good for guidance and maintenance.

      • pros +
      • Ultra-light and easy to carry anywhere Dissembling and Reassembling is easy Allows viewing the moon in a more comfortable way Three magnifications to choose from 8 years and above
      • cons -
      • Cannot view the planets
  • 6 place :
    Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope Review

  • Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope Review

    Orion has been a brand known for producing telescopes for children and binoculars with unmatched performance. They could create devices that are water-proof, beginner-friendly and advanced in features; no wonder, this product is good with high versatility. Some of its features include a 130mm mirror which gives a good view of deep-sky characters.

    It has an adjustable aluminum tripod which is stable and equatorial in a base (a feature that allows tracking the sky). In general, it is lightweight and can be used for various purposes.

      • pros +
      • Good view of deep-sky characters Tracks the sky perfectly Portable and easy to carry around Versatility is topnotch with advanced features 8-18+ years
      • cons -
      • Pricey
  • 7 place :
    For Beginners: Orion StarBlast Astro Reflector Telescope Review

  • For Beginners: Orion StarBlast Astro Reflector Telescope Review

    This is another top rated telescopes for beginners and what makes this outstanding is that you see beyond the stars and the moon. With the simple design, it offers a high level of performance, and most users will go for this judging by the brand. However, it is an alternative to bigger types of telescopes which are sturdy and heavy to carry around.

    It has an aperture size of 4.5 inches, and the tabletop is made of a strong, durable material which enhances stability in addition to two Explorer eyepieces.

      • pros +
      • Two eyepieces for a better view Good stability Beginner-friendly and great for enthusiasts Can be assembled easily 6-14+ years
      • cons -
      • Requires maximum maintenance
  • 8 place :
    High Contrast Views: Orion AstroView Equatorial Refractor Telescope Review

  • High Contrast Views: Orion AstroView Equatorial Refractor Telescope Review

    Finally, meet an Orion with excellent optics that permits high contrast views of celestial objects. It has an equatorial mount which makes it easy to track stars and planets with high magnification. Anyone who sees this model will attest to the fact that it has a classic design and accessories are available in good quality.

    With the aid of the slow-motion knob, you can keep objects in the sky around the field of view, which is one quality not every telescope for kids offers.

      • pros +
      • Classic design and structure Fine accessories are available Used to keep objects in the field of view Excellent optics for performance 6-18 years
      • cons -
      • Stability via Equatorial mount isn’t perfect
  • 9 place :
    Celestron 31042 AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope Review

  • Celestron 31042 AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope Review

    Celestron kids telescope is an incredible product that comes at a relatively affordable price. It is sharp in quality and makes use of an Equatorial mount that ensures accurate locating and tracking of objects in the sky. With the two eyepieces available, there is a better enhancement of view and users can get to see images clearly.

    For kids who love something more advanced that use features like Finderscope and astronomy software, this is an ideal choice for you.

      • pros +
      • Good software for operation Equatorial mount for locating and tracking Easy to set-up Produces erect images 4-12 years
      • cons -
      • Uses a spherical mirror instead of a parabolic one
  • 10 place :
    Celestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope Review

  • Celestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope Review

    Based on Celestron telescope reviews, this is an old type of device inspired by Galileo and modified to produce great quality images of celestial objects. It is a simple reflector that has a rotating base and is useful in viewing the night sky. In fact, with all the accessories or features in place, images can be seen easier and better.

    Apart from kids making use of this tool, first-entry astronomers can benefit from this model too. It has a 76 mm (2.8”) aperture size, and its body design is beautiful and can be used as a decoration.

      • pros +
      • Portable and easy to carry around Rotating base that views the night sky perfectly Beautiful body design An ideal choice for new astronomers 4-15 years
      • cons -
      • Stability isn’t good enough

Types of Telescopes for Kids

From the above review on the best telescope for children, it can be seen that there are different popular brands offering diverse types of devices. While some are reflectors (Newtonians), others are refractors which are the two categories of an optical telescope.


These were the first set of best telescopes for children built and were called Refractors because of its design and mode of operation. It makes use of a lens to gather and focus light; hence, the glass lens which is in front of the telescope works as an objective.


A reflector device makes use of a mirror rather than a lens as its objective. They are the recent types of telescopes produced. They work in a mechanism where the mirror located at the rear side gets illuminated by light and bounces off when light strikes it.

Telescope for Kids Buying Guide – What to Look At?

This important section of the article helps consumers to make better decisions. A telescope for kids may have good features; some models even offer incredible options so the buying decision could be tough. We will list here buying guides to help you select your number one model out of many. Below are a number of factors to consider when buying the best telescope for kids and while one may possess a good percentage of all, another may possess few. However, your preference at the end of the day should be according to what you are expecting and your budget.


It is referred to as the size of the mirror or lens of a refractor or reflector telescope; and it is categorized as the bigger the size, the better the quality of revelation of the sky. Therefore, this proves that the size of a model does not limit the field of sight that will be produced as long as the aperture is great. That is why, from the above, the different products have been compared with the size of apertures and the highest so far is 8 inches (215mm).


The main accessories for the best telescope for kids are Red Flashlight, Color Kit, Star Map, Eyepieces/Barlow lens, Maintenance kit. The presence of accessories attracts users to get a unit from a particular brand. Although the device may not contain all of the above, it is expected to have at least one or two, and the products on our list are good examples.


While some models come at a very reasonable price, some are expensive, and there could be limitations getting both. For instance, one that you admire could come at a high price which your budget may not be up to; hence, it is advisable to go for an alternative. Cost is a good factor to consider before purchasing anything.


If you check from the comparison of the best telescopes for kids above, there was great regard for age groups that could make use of a telescope. This is important for the level of assimilating and understanding what it has to offer. Little kids are like beginners that require something simple to comprehend. If it isn’t comprehensible, the attention quotient could be lost, making he or she uninterested later on and limiting the purpose of why the device was bought.


Refractors make use of a lens in place of mirrors, and this makes them very valuable for the telescope. However, there are benefits with using reflectors; one is that it is convenient and suitable for little kids and another is that it requires little maintenance. Definitely, it is something for you to consider when buying the best telescope for kids.


Also, these are mirrors used to replace the lens in Refractor devices, and it requires a good selection strategy. When buying a reflector, consider getting a bigger one because the bigger it is, the better it gathers light to itself. Sometimes, they come in two pieces which means their maintenance has to be topnotch.


Mounts divide into two types: alt-azimuth and equatorial mounts. Each one of these best telescopes for kids has benefits to users. For alt-azimuth, it is solid, strong and is for devices that are heavy but with limitations in tracking stars. While equatorial is built on a motorized design and can be used to follow stars.


This is the longevity or how long the quality of a product will last. This is essential to make good decisions on what to buy, especially when it comes at a very modest price. Pick a good telescope for kids that is highly durable and superb in quality!

The Best Telescope for Kids 2019: Final Advice

Having the best children telescope is a getaway for parents because they are investing their children’s future and imparting them with knowledge of science. There are so many things kids won’t be taught within the four walls of a classroom and require a personal study. It may not be easy picking the best birthday present, but if there is one thing, we are certain of, anyone would love telescopes as one. You don’t need to get something too expensive before you learn about the stars, skies, and planets, pick a useful type out of many, and we believe our buying guide helps to complete the task. In our opinion, the Orion SkyQuest Dobsonian is definitely a winner and the best telescope for kids 2019 taking into consideration the wide variety of factors and features. The Orion family is a popular brand. And according to the Orion telescope review, it has the best features and is the top-rated telescope for kids available. This best telescope for kids allows you to explore, view images from far off very clearly and it is quite affordable if consumers are thinking of the price. This is why it is the best telescope for kids 2019, at least until a better product with more incredible features is manufactured. However, your preference could be different due to one reason or another, but inasmuch as it is one out of the best telescope for kids, you are good to go.

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