Best Telescope to Buy in 2019 (Our TOP 4)

Last Updated: 20 August 2019

Everyone who is fascinated by astronomy is faced with the problem of choosing the best telescope. Today, there are so many different designs and optical schemes of the best telescopes that are produced by a large number of manufacturers. The best telescope can be available in various designs and configurations so that a beginner can become confused in such an assortment and buy a model that does not fit for all the tasks. Yes, exactly what you want to observe and how to primarily determine the specifications of the best telescope.

So, what is a telescope? It is an optical device designed to observe distant celestial objects. Do you know who invented the telescope? The first drawings of the most primitive devices were found in Leonardo da Vinci's notes, and its creation is attributed to Hans Lippershey and his contemporaries in 1608.

Many people buy the best telescope for semi-permanent installation in the patio of a country house under the dark sky. Someone buys a telescope for beginners to watch the planets from a balcony, while some others to decorate an interior of a home or an office with the same. In the first case, people will need a powerful Dobsonian telescope, while the others won't be pleased with a large pipe and massive.

Today, we will outline specific criteria and qualities of telescopes, which you need to pay attention to and which should guide you in choosing, sort out the types of optical schemes and how to mount them correctly.

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24 March, 2019

One of my kids said he would love to be an astronomer in the future. I believe helping him to discover his dreams is my responsibility, and that is why I am getting him a lightweight dobsonian telescope. I hope he likes it and able to view the night skies from the balcony.