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Best Сricut Machine for Home & Business in 2019 (Our TOP 5)

Last Updated: 07 September 2018

It is no gainsaying that there is a detailed and examined review on how to choose the best vinyl cutting machine. The best vinyl cutting machine is a device with computer control for cutting shapes from soft sheet materials. The moving head of the best vinyl cutting machine is equipped with a knife, which moves along the surface of the material being cut.

The best vinyl cutting machine, as well as the best Cricut machine, is used in the printing industry for cutting sheet materials among which includes vinyl, reflective, fluorescent, magnetic, transparent films, and self-adhesive paper. Thus, for example, the cutting plotter of the best Cricut machine makes it possible to cut inscriptions, logos, emblems from the thermal transfer film, using thermo-press, print on clothes, T-shirts, baseball caps, sweaters, overalls, among others.

In recent years, the use of best vinyl cutting machines has become popular among enthusiasts of home paper crafts, such as the creation of handmade cards and scrapbooking. Tools such as best vinyl cutting machines can achieve the desired shapes, cut very accurately and in large runs.

We analyzed vinyl cutting machine reviews, examined all technical characteristics, and created our list of top vinyl cutters with our vinyl cutter reviews for you to choose the best variant, suitable for your situation.

TOP 5 Compared and Reviewed

  • 1 place :


  • Cuttlebug

    This first pick is perfect for beginners. It’s not so hard to operate, and it’s compact. You can actually pack and take it anywhere with you. It’s manually operated, so you don’t have to stress yourself looking for sockets.

    This model is unbelievably lightweight, but don’t think that makes it any less efficient. It can give many manual cricuts a run for their money. There are only a few things this cricut couldn’t sink its teeth into, even leather surrenders to this baby. Aside from that, you can use it to emboss, which can’t be said of many cricuts even electric ones.

    This is definitely one of the best models out there. If you're looking for an efficient and compact machine, go for this one. Never mind that it’s not electrical. It could work almost as well.

      • pros +
      • Compact Cheap Capable of embossing Can cut through many materials
      • cons -
      • Not electric (could also be an advantage)
  • 2 place :

    Explore Air

  • Explore Air

    The next model is great for people who like high-tech machines. Explore Air is entirely wireless. You can just send your materials to the machine via Bluetooth. The device comes with its own software which is convenient and easy to navigate through.

    This model has thousands of pre-made designs in its software. You either just take one of those or upload your own. You don’t have to worry about making complicated designs. This machine is powerful. It can nail every little detail like you wouldn't believe. Plus, it has a fine blade that comes free when you order the device, and that helps tremendously in achieving the tiniest details.

    Although, you need to have a reliable internet connection when using this machine. It’s getting all its information through the internet and has a possibility of stopping halfway through because of connection breaks even for a short time.

      • pros +
      • Bluetooth Wireless Can nail tiny details
      • cons -
      • Relies on the internet connection
  • 3 place :

    Explore Air 2

  • Explore Air 2

    Relying on its name, you pretty much already have an idea of what this machine can do. It’s basically Explore Air, except better.

    This machine is also Bluetooth operated. It also shares the same wireless design that its predecessor has. It’s efficient and convenient. It can cut even the littlest detail. It’s also not choosy on the material it’s cutting. There are fewer materials that this machine can’t cut through than those it can.

    It has a fine blade that allows it to cut even the little points. It also has a Smart Dial that makes assigning materials a breeze. This product relies on the internet. You need to make sure that your connection is strong and secure before operating the device.

    So if everything’s the same, why buy this one? It’s basically just faster. It works almost twice as fast than the earlier model. It’s great for businesses. It could help speed up production.

      • pros +
      • Twice faster than the predecessor Bluetooth Wireless Can nail even tiny details
      • cons -
      • Relies on the internet
  • 4 place :

    Explore One

  • Explore One

    You can consider this model the grandfather of both the Explore Airs above. Explore One is the first cricut model to utilize the best of modern technology to deliver great results. If you think that just because it’s older, it won’t stand a chance against its newer counterparts, then you’re wrong. This bad boy can still give those two machines a run for their money.

    You can operate Explore One from any device, even your phone. You can just send your design through Bluetooth, and the machine would immediately start slicing. It uses the same smart dial as the two Explore Airs above, which is so easy to understand.

    The biggest difference would probably be the price. This is an older model and, therefore, cheaper. Plus, it’s not wireless. It’s corded, and you have to plug it in a socket.

      • pros +
      • Cheaper Does not just rely on the internet Bluetooth capable Can nail tiny details
      • cons -
      • Needs to be plugged in An older model.
  • 5 place :


  • Maker

    This is one of the best models out there. If you can afford it, go for this one. You won’t have to replace it for a long time. This machine is expandable. You just buy little accessories that it needs and keep upgrading it.

    You don’t necessarily be well-versed in cricuts to operate this model; even beginners could do it. You either choose a design online and send it through Bluetooth or use USB. It has ports on it for convenience.

    In terms of efficiency, this model truly doesn’t disappoint. It can cut through almost anything and with uncanny accuracy. When you send a complicated design over, you can expect great results even if you're trying to cut through leather.

    Plus, it’s super fast. It’s probably one of the fastest on this list. Although, this also makes it the most expensive.

      • pros +
      • Fast Can nail tiny details Bluetooth capable
      • cons -
      • Pricey

Types of Cricut Machines

By functionality, it is possible to distinguish cutting-printing types of cutting plotters. Cutting plotters allow only cutting materials and patterns. Cutting-printing has a print function. They are more intended for professional use, and their price is higher. According to the principle of the device, it is possible to divide cutting plotters into rolls and tabletop vinyl cutters. Rolls are used for cutting film, vinyl, fabric. A tabletop vinyl cutter is made in the form of a table, to which the material is fixed.

Vinyl Cutter Machine Buying Guide - What to Look At?

The choice of a vinyl plotter is an essential task. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the main technical features of cutting plotters. It is equally important to find out the functionality of a device and learn how to service them. The best Cricut machine can work with a large number of different materials – thermal film, photo paper, designer cardboard, magnetic vinyl, and other types of film.

Furthermore, the choice of a particular material largely determines the size of the plotter and its cost. For example, if you decide to do stickers, postcards, or plan to work with photos at home, you can choose an inexpensive model with a working area (width of the material) to 300-400 mm. However, for large-format materials, it is necessary to select an electronic Vinyl Cutting Machine with an increased cutting area – up to 1900 mm. Such models will allow creating vast canvases, for example, vinyl stickers on the car or advertising banners. When choosing such a device, pay attention to the following criteria:

Types of Knives

There are three main types of knives for plotters: vane – this is used for roller plotters and some types of tablets; tangential – used to cut thick, viscous materials on flatbed printers; bigger – are necessary for punching of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, electro cardboard, thick paper, packing. The most common are the first two types of knives, but there are fundamental differences between them.

Pressure on the Knife


The main area of use of the best vinyl machine determines with what materials it will most often work. Also, one of the critical parameters is the pressure of the knife. This indicator is measured in grams and is set in the plotter settings before the operation.

The Angle of Knife Sharpening

It is equally important to pay attention to the angle of sharpening the knife. Knives with angles of 30º, 45º and 60º are usually installed in cutting plotters. The knife sharpened at an angle of 30º is ideal for the thinnest films – 25-50 microns. A blade with an angle of 45º is considered to be universal because it will cope well with most thermal transfer and self-adhesive films 50-100 microns thick. A 60-degree knife is necessary in cases where it is required to cut a thick flock or various types of transfer films with a thickness of more than 100 microns.

Electric Motors: Step-Type and With Servo-Drive

The knife in the Cricut vinyl device is driven by an engine, which is usually of two types – mechanical stepping (they are noisier) or with a digital servo (they are up-to-date). You should also pay attention to the speed and precision of cutting material. This is a fundamental criterion, as this affects the quality of the product when it exists.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine 2019. Final Advice

Best vinyl cutting machines are distinguished by the fact that their range is not limited only to professional models. Today, you can easily buy the best vinyl-cutting machine, which will serve as an excellent tool for a home hobby, handmade, or specific office needs. We give our preference to Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint best Cricut machine for its quick work, the possibility of working via Bluetooth and the big base of projects. This best professional vinyl cutter you can use at home, at the office, and in the industrial sphere, unlike other best vinyl cutting machines such as the Silhouette Portrait 2 or GRAPHTEC CE6000-120 Vinyl Cutter, which are best used only in one area. It is a top Cricut machine that is confirmed by many vinyl plotter reviews.

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24 March, 2019

I totally agree with you, friend So many things cost so much that it may be difficult to buy anything in the end. Strangely, I needed a vinyl cutter for my soft sheet materials, and precisely the price I wanted. I was surprised to find the best vinyl cutter under $300 right under my nose. Even with its price, the performance is not any less, and quality is still intact, even after six months.


24 March, 2019

I am not entirely a good decision maker, and all I needed was someone or something to put me through while I buy a perfect vinyl cutter. Truth is, I know what I want, but I get distracted by the awesomeness of so many other machines. Reading the vinyl cutter buying guide from this review, I have a good idea on what to go for.