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Best Voice Recorder Buyer’s Guide And Review 2019 (our Top 5)

Last Updated: 22 October 2019

Using the best audio recording equipment instead of your smartphone means that you will never have to worry about running out of battery since it’s known these devices have great autonomy. Another benefit of buying the best voice recorder 2019 comes from the fact that it will do a great job at removing background noise or the wind in your recording so that you can clearly review it later. Compared to smartphones, this device has a much better range of use, so you don’t have to stand immediately close to the person speaking to capture high-quality sound. Also, the light and small features make it perfect to carry with you and use it whenever the situation calls for it.


What Is A Digital Recording Device?

As the name suggests, the best digital recording device is a piece of technology designed to record high-quality audio and store it on a digital memory platform, as opposed to the analog voice recorders that store audio on cassettes.

How Do I Use A Voice Recorder?

To use one of these devices, all you have to do is turn it on, press the record button and place it in the vicinity of the person you want to record. It is very easy to use and operate.

How Does It Work?

Best models use high-quality internal microphones to record speech and through a series of processors, the background sound is removed for far better quality than in a recording done with your phone.

The Best Of 2019 You Should Get

Going out in the field soon? Make sure you’re equipped with the best and most trusty recorder in the market. Here’s a list of the best ones out there:

  • 1 place :

    Sony ICD-UX533

  • Sony ICD-UX533

    First up, we have the Sony ICD UX533, one of the smallest recorders you can ever get your hands on. Standing just slightly taller than your index finger, it’s perfect for people who are always on the go.

    Plus, it’s pretty easy to navigate through. It’s just like an Mp3 player or an iPod. It has a couple of added features that you can use to process your audio right after recording it. Plus, you can set the format your recordings will have; no need to convert them later. You can also apply filters to improve your outputs. It's all preset. Just pick one from the list.

    Just don’t expect studio quality recordings. You can expect, at best, decent sounding audio.

    Q: Is the screen back-lighted?

    A: Yes. It lights up as soon as you turn the power on.

    Q: Is this Windows 10 compatible?

    A: Yes - it is Windows 7,8,8.1and 10 compatible. Also Mac compatible.

      • pros +
      • Can fit in your palm User-friendly It can do slight editing
      • cons -
      • Low audio quality No impressive features
  • 2 place :

    Tascam DR-05

  • Tascam DR-05

    The DR-05 can give you better quality recordings, even if you don’t have the necessary skills. It’s a great device that won't give you much liberty over its settings.

    This dictaphone has two heavy-duty mics that can take high-quality recordings. With it, you can either record a low file size, medium quality 16-bit audio or a deep, humongous sized 24-bit audio. It only has three available file formats - MP3, BWF, and WAV, which are perfect if you’re planning to sync your recordings to a video in a post.

    This device can even equal out all the audio that it captures. So even if you’re talking to people at different volumes and distances, each speaker would sound just as clear as the others. It can also make your recordings faster without losing quality or changing the pitch.

    Sadly, you can’t adjust this device’s microphones. Almost everything about this device is preset. All you really have to do is to record.

    Q: Can I schedule recording?

    A: no, this unit dose not have a timer or delay record function.

    Q: Can I listen to the recording through the headphones as I'm recording it in real time. Or only during playback?

    A: Yes, it can monitor. Input into mic jack, output to headphones. I use it off my Mustang 3 amp and listen to what I'm playing with headphones.

    Q: Hello, can I use this model without any attachments? Just by itself?

    A: Yes! It works great all by itself.

      • pros +
      • User-friendly It can do slight editing Evens out all audio it captures
      • cons -
      • Microphones can’t be adjusted
  • 3 place :

    Zoom H6

  • Zoom H6

    If you’re real heavy on the sound output, then this one's for you. Zoom H6 is of professional grade. It’s used to record live music and podcasts. Just by looking at it, you can already tell that you’re going to have a hard time operating it.

    This little device doubles as a studio of its own. You can either record with a direct XY or a Mid-Side microphone, which is pretty amazing considering that this is a device that you can hold in a single hand. There are also four other microphones that you can purchase as add-ons. There are four XLR inputs on this model (two on each of its sides to which you can hook up amplifiers and speakers). It has 2-gigabyte internal memory, but you can expand that through the micro SD-card slot.

    Don’t let the interface scare you. It’s going to take some time getting used to, but it’s not impossible to learn how to use this thing. Plus, it’ll be worth it once you hear how clear your outputs are.

    Q: Can an acoustic electric guitar be plugged directly into the 1/4" input for clean recording?

    A: Yes, provided you are using good to above average quality cords.

    Q: When paired with exh-6, do i need to provide external phantom power for more microphones?

    A: Unfortunately, the Exh-6 does not support phantom power. Also note that this is a dedicated stereo input, not 2 separate lines.

    Q: Is it possible to rename the folders? For example, would love to have something like day1, day2, day3, etc.

    A: Unfortunately you will not be able to rename the 10 default folders.

      • pros +
      • Can change microphones Superior quality recordings
      • cons -
      • Would take some time getting used to 2-GB storage
  • 4 place :

    Olympus VN-541PC

  • Olympus VN-541PC

    If you want an extremely affordable one, try the VN-541 PC from Olympus. It can’t get you superior quality recordings like other models, but this one’s cheaper. You can get it for less than half their price.
    This device can only capture audio between 13 and 40 hertz, which won’t sound good but still audible. It’s quite easy to understand. Like phones, it has one button for records and stops. It also has preset filters that you could apply to improve your outputs.

    Unfortunately, it can only output Windows media audio; you’ll need to convert before using them. You can hook the device up to your computer via a USB cord. It has a pretty large internal memory, so that won’t likely be an issue once you’re already using it.

    Just know what to expect. Recordings from this device sound a bit better than phone recordings, but if you only need to note down the conversation, then it’ll do.

      • pros +
      • Cheap Simple interface
      • cons -
      • Low-quality
  • 5 place :

    Tascam DR-44WL

  • Tascam DR-44WL

    The last item on this list is hands down the best one here. This Tascam is wifi capable. You can connect it to your phone through the downloadable app. You can even save your works directly in cloud storages. It’s probably one of the most high-tech models on the market right now.

    Like Zoom H6, it can capture audio in 16 and 24 bits. It’s equipped with condenser mics that you can adjust to try out different recording techniques. It also supports 4-track recording, meaning it can compile different sounds to create one big output.

    Unfortunately, it can’t remove dead air. It also doesn’t have the voice-activated feature (only record when someone is speaking). However, those are minor downsides. You can just fix those things later.

      • pros +
      • Wifi capable. Has its own Phone app
      • cons -
      • No voice activation feature Can’t eliminate dead air

Digital Voice Recorder Buying Guide

#1 Memory

It suffices to say that how much memory you have available determines how long you will be able to record. It is ideal to have enough space in order not to transfer files too often or have to delete older files due to lack of space. Also, memory is directly connected with the file format since high-fidelity formats like the best MP3 require more space.

#2 Recording Quality

This best attribute plays a big role in how good the actual recording is going to be. Usually devices with multiple microphones deliver higher quality, however, this also means more storage space needed to save the recordings. With the use of an external SD card, you should be able to focus more on quality than storage.

#3 Interface

The user interface for most of models is simple and straightforward. Some of them have a built-in display to make it easier for you to find recordings while others come with buttons for playback and fast forward.

#4 Compatibility With Various Operating Systems

It is vital to be able to transfer your files easily from the best high-quality audio recorder you use to a computer. Most of the models are compatible with iOS and Windows while others ensure the file transfer through external memory devices.

#5 Transcription Technology

Some of the more advanced best high-quality voice recorder models come with a built-in transcription technology that, used along with special software, allows the automatic transcription of audio files into written documents. It is a great feature to have even though it is not always accurate.

Final Advice

When looking for an audio recording equipment for sale it is important to look for features such as OS compatibility or transcription technology. Reading recording device reviews should give you a clear idea of what functions you can use and enables you to select the best for your needs. No matter what your final choice is, getting the best device is going to save you a lot of time when it comes to taking notes and reviewing a course or an interview. Also, if you are not sure what the best voice recording option is, you can always trust our judgment and buy the Olympus VN-7200 for its ideal price/quality ratio. This is, without a doubt, one of the best voice recording devices available on the market with awesome features and great autonomy. Check out the best price and get the one that suits you best.

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