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Guide on How to Build a Homemade Hoverboard

Guide on How to Build a Homemade Hoverboard
Last Updated: 31 May 2019

How to Build a Hoverboard You Can Ride?

How to make hoverboards with your own hands? In order to understand how to make such a riding tool at home, you need to understand what it is. Also, you need to find out what it consists of and what it takes to create this interesting vehicle. First of all, it is a self-balanced vehicle whose principle of operation rests on a system of gyroscopic sensors and an internal technology for maintaining balance. That is, when you turn on a new homemade hoverboard, the balancing system is turned on. When a person gets up on it, the platform position begins to change. This information is read just by gyroscopic sensors. So, let’s try to explain how to build such a tool by yourself. For this you will need a set of materials and working hands. So, our short guide on how to make your own hover board in 2019 is given below.

Step 1: Prepare Hoverboard Materials

Electric Motors

The first and most important thing you need for a hand made device is two electric motors with the capacity to carry the weight of an adult. The average power of the factory models is 350 watts, so try to find engines of such power and learn how to build a hoverboard using them.


Then find two identical wheels, about 10-12 inches. The bigger, the better since you will have a lot of electronics. Permeability should be higher and the distance between the platform and the ground should be at the right level. Short wheels won’t be a good idea.


How to make a hoverboard at home without batteries? It is impossible. That’s why you need to buy two lead-acid batteries with a power of at least 4400 mA / h, and preferably more. Since we will do not metal construction, but it will weigh more than the original mini-sigvey or hoverboard.


Find a motherboard with a processor, supplemented by two boards with gyroscopic sensors.

Step 2: Gyroboard Control Circuit

There are many options for control of gyrocycles developed by manufacturers. They will help to create your own hoverboard. Most of people use Arduino microcontrollers, widely represented on the market. Still, the best solution is UnoNano, and the ATmega 328 becomes an additional chip for information processing. Two InvenSense MPU 6050 gyroscopic sensors are also required when you customize your own hoverboard. They are located on additional boards that perform the initial processing of platform position data. The control circuit also includes balance sensors and turn sensors.

Step 3: Make a Base

How do you make a hoverboard base? Most often, for the manufacture of the case, the creators of self-made electric vehicles use bars and thick plywood. The main reason for choosing the wooden structure is its insulating properties and ease of manufacture.

Step 4: Mount the Engines

The guide on how to make hoverboards gives a hint on a right installation. First of all, engines are mounted on the sides of the platform, to which wheels are attached. To install the battery, enclosed in a special box, the place is chosen strictly in the middle of the base. Engines are bolted, and self-tapping screws can be used to secure the battery box.

Step 5: Steering Column

Design of self-made device includes a steering column with a readiness button. It serves as a command for supplying power to engines. When it is pressed, engines and a riding tool will shut down. With its help you will be safe to drive.

Step 6: Testing

This is a final step, which requires testing. It will prove whether you passed a course of how to make your own hoverboard well. It will be ready to move just after 2 minutes or so. You may feel some pull from the base after you stand on it, but it is not a problem. Keep in mind, that a handmade tool won’t be moving to fast at once. Enjoy riding!

Now you know how to make a hoverboard that you can ride on and the process is pretty easy. It means that you can save some money and try yourself in such a cool adventure.

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