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How to use a beard trimmer

How to use a beard trimmer
Last Updated: 14 June 2019

You’ve been longing to grow a beard for a long time, standing in front of the mirror, imagining how it might look. You feel totally perplexed in regards to how to use the beard trimmer. Sure, you’ve seen barbers work their way with it, and it seems simple, but you wouldn’t dare try it yourself.

If these lines make sense to you, then you are reading the right text, ‘cause here we are going to explain to our readers how to do it in a couple of easy steps.

We hope you will see how getting your facial hair just the way you want it, can be a piece of cake.

Try to find the best trimmer

Before we show you how to trim beard with a trimmer you need to find a gadget that best suits your needs. You might think it’s all the same, a machine is good as long as it does its job, and you are right about that, but there are differences of course. There is a huge offer, and the prices vary greatly so there is something for everyone’s pocket. But it is really not recommendable to get the cheapest one as they often cause bleeding and pull out the entire hair.

You will certainly win a great deal if you take the time to organize your search and choose the one that works for you. We are happy to recommend Phillips Norelco 5100 because it’s a good kit with decent battery life plus additional accessories like the attachment for ear and nose.

Before you actually start shaving

After you equipped yourself with a good tool, you can start preparing yourself to work on your new looks.

Now, one important thing is to wash your beard. You probably didn’t think about it, but it plays a huge role in making your designer stubble look perfect. One reason for this is that water softens the hair and second that you remove any potential dirt and both lead to much easier cut.

How to trim your beard with comb and trimmer

Okay, so your whiskers nicely washed and dried, and now it’s time to power up your gadget. Just before you do, make sure that you have chosen the beard trimmer with the longest length setting. This is important because it allows you to go gradually, and then change another guard if you want to cut more.

The best place to start shaving is the neck. As your hair grows usually out and down, the easiest and best way is to go up against the grain. Take time to do this little by little and check each time to see if you want to make it shorter.

Next, you will move to the sides. With shaving the cheeks the important thing is to know what style of beard you want. After you made a decision, start slowly choosing longer guard at first and then shorter. Most of the good devices come with few beard trimmer guard lengths, so you shouldn’t have any problem in this respect. Shaving your cheeks, same as neck requires time and patience.

The next step is the chin. With the chin, it really depends on what is your preference. If you want to make a nice fade, then leave the hair on your cheeks a bit longer and shave the chin a bit shorter. However, if you prefer to create an added definition then it’s another way around. Leave the hair on your chin slightly longer than the hair on your jaw, cheeks, and neck. You can leave only a few millimeters longer but it makes a big difference.

For the best results, the good thing is to use the flat part of the beard trimmer comb and move downwards like in the sweeping motion, removing slowly chunks of hair.

After this, follow up with tidying up your mustache. You can do this with a trimmer or mustache scissors, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. Either way, use the beard comb to comb your whiskers down and then cut them so there is no hair dangling over your upper lip.

You are almost there! Now you only want to go over your face gently to define the lines. This part can be tricky, but you just need to go slowly and move the apparatus up and down as hair grows in both directions. You should wash your face with cool water and put aftershave, and you are all set to go to your party, meeting or date and enjoy.

Last words on how to trim beard with a trimmer

Now we showed you how to use a beard trimmer with guard, and shape your beard in the style that looks best on you, and we hope you enjoyed it.

Lastly, we’d also like to recommend that you make sure to clean thoroughly your trimmer for long and good use as it is one of the most important tools for having the perfect stubble.

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