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Thermaltake 360 CPU Water Cooler RGB, WORTH IT?!

Thermaltake 360 CPU Water Cooler RGB, WORTH IT?!
Last Updated: 25 May 2019

Yeah, get it! Hey, guys have you ever thought about upgrading your cooling solution for your CPU? We mean, it’s so expensive. You might think, “I’m not sure if it’s worth it.” Well, think twice. If you build a brand new system, download Windows, install the drivers, download Battlefield then it just doesn’t work. You need to tweak a bit, otherwise, it will overheat.

The frustration appears when you try all the settings, you call your friends, you call your mom, and you even try googling it. Well, maybe the problem is this little guy. Here is why cooling is so important for your computer. So, if your computer is overheating know that Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is excellent.

We stress-tested AIDA64 to see if it was throttling in any way. It’s ramping up CPU throttling max 12%. One of the CPU core is running 3698 – this is really bad. We throttled all over the place, and it’s just showing it’s crucial to take care of your cooling solution. It’s not the worst cooler in the world, but this is very popular.

This is all-in-one CPU cooler Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 TT Premium Edition has a big box, and the instruction tells what’s included. There is a 360 mm radiator, this little block is beautiful and covers the surface of the block in copper so no liquid metal. There are a bunch of brackets. RGB Fan Thermaltake includes Molex connector, which it’s much better than the SATA – it doesn’t heat, it doesn’t melt the controller and is very light. There are no mounting points, you have to figure out cable management for this thing.

The connectors are proprietary so if you want to use it with any other RGB lights. Good luck because a warranty doesn’t cover it. When you power this up the pump is kind of noisy, you can hear the water. Then you need to install the software called TT RGB Plus 360 Premium. It’s a long name, yes. When you check AIDA64, you see 84 87 75. Clocks are 5,000, 5,000, and 5,000. There’s no throttling at all, nothing. Everything just works. Is it worth it? That’s a good question if you like LEDs and if you want to drop a few degrees. It’s a great cooling solution!

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