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Trying out the new Zoom H6 microphone capsule

Trying out the new Zoom H6 microphone capsule
Last Updated: 21 May 2019

Here are my two cents on the new Zoom H6 microphone capsule. I’ve been using many microphones for the videos I usually do, but I’ve never used this one before. When I first got them, I immediately removed the package and I put the capsule through the earphones. I can hear the right/left effect better… but I didn’t know how the sound would be during the video editing. Well, I tried to make various sounds: wooden guitar, tapping, and I even recorded the sound of complete silence.

It’s very late as I write not so pardon any mistakes that might arise. I tried popping a wooden box, a plastic box, and the sound was crisp and sharp. Then I tried something new: recording the sound of breath. The result? It is too loud.

Now, there’s a pop filter that comes in the package, and I recommend using the capsule without it. The sound is muffled, you don’t know if it’s clear enough so I would advise you not to use it. Now, I always keep any product I buy in the original packaging, so I have them in front of me right now. In fact, this microphone, all its capsules, and the pop filter… I keep each of them in the original packaging in the beginning – to protect them.

I continued my experiment and tested the microphone while recording myself. I didn’t publish it on the internet, but I used my earphones to listen to my voice and to the quality of the sound. Then, I listened to the recording and found that the sound is very crisp.

Versatile and modular

The microphone itself is versatile and, upon close inspection, you will see that it has four XLR/TRS inputs which can actually be expanded if you buy a separate head which is attachable. This can be really handy for you if you need to record in a studio. Just plug the microphone in each input, and you will be able to monitor the level of every individual track. Plus, you can record at -12 dB if the sound is too loud. One thing I love about Zoom H6 is that it is modular. Basically, it comes with an MS capsule and an X/Y capsule, but you can also purchase other capsules and use them when needed.

This is my short review of the microphone, I hope it is helpful.
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