Who we are

Let me guess: you’ve asked yourself “Who’s that people behind the scene?” and that’s why you visit this page. So here we are!

Our #1 mission is to make buying process easier, more enjoyable, and provide useful guides you can try right after reading. We hope to inspire our readers through skill-based tutorials, comprehensive tech guides, and unbiased gear reviews based on our knowledge.

Our Story

Best Tech Expert was created in 2018 by two college friends, Richard and Jake. While studying at the college, Richard wanted to increase his knowledge and get in-depth tech product researches. He couldn’t find information he was looking for, so right after a few days of talking with Jake a sparkling idea about Best Tech Expert was born.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Ok, we don’t (yet we want) tell you a story where we’ve been in tech for about 30 years and personally familiar with all tech influencers – it won’t be the true. That’s why we show you the basic information about our experience:

  • Tech education – both of us;
  • Tech work experience – both of us
  • A wide network of people working in the different niches, i.e. barbers, outdoor enthusiasts, audio junkies, sales specialists, e-commerce suppliers, etc.

Hence, you have deal with experienced dudes who can help you by performing their main mission.

How Do We Rate the Products?

We’ve created the 5-point rating for the products we reviewing in our articles. You can ask us about why should you pay attention to your rating. We’re totally agree with you, because each rating should be based on the quality/quantity information.

Here is our simple way how do we rate the products:

  • Before publishing, we rate EACH product by the 10-point rating:

    • Overall quality – 2 points;
    • Price – 2 points;
    • User reviews – 2 points;
    • Product characteristics compared to similar products – 2 points;
    • Our personal impression – 2 points.

    Seems smarty, isn’t it?

    Who we are?

    Richard Nolan

    Richard Nolan

    Richard was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Since childhood, Mike was passionate about auto and tech industry, so later he decided to get education at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) College of Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department).

    Since 2009, he worked for all the heavy tech shops like B&H Photo Video in Austin, TX, Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, so now he has really impressive level of expertise in the tech niche (at least he hoped:).

    Mike is fond of engineering, and in his spare time he researches AI, walking with his Chessie retriever and hiking.

    Jake Lester

    Jake Lester

    Jake was born in Arlington, Texas. As her friend Mike, she was also get the bachelor degree at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), College of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering Department), and now she continues with her studies, wishing to get PhD.

    As Mike has a lot of practical skills and knowledge, Jake came up here with the science proofs, so almost ALL the products here will be reviewed on her side with the science point of view.

    In her spare time, Jake love to take a time with her friends, read the books and studying a photography.

    Want to share your opinion? Talk to us? Have any great ideas or thoughts? You can find us at Facebook:

    1. Richard Nolan :https://www.facebook.com/richard.nolan.3939
    2. Jake Lester :https://www.facebook.com/jakelesterone